Mad cow disease due to Covid vaccine?  Shock Certificate from the TPMP Guest

This Friday, January 21, 2022, Cyril Hanoun welcomed Mark Doerr. On Touche Plateau and not in my position, the latter, who suspects the vaccine against Covid-19 transmitted mad cow disease to his wife, gave a moving testimony.

If millions of French people made the decision to vaccinate against Covid-19, many people would claim to have experienced side effects and serious illnesses since the vaccination. Invited to Touche Set Not in My Position, Mark Doerr told the story of his wife, Morissette, 72, with passion. And while the latter was vaccinated last May, he first confirmed:You know, we’re from a vaccine generation so we’ve been, like everyone else, a little conditioned. We started getting scared and when we got the news of the vaccine, we thought it was good news! We went there with confidence!“While his wife was fine after the first dose, two weeks passed after the second vaccination until she started feeling unwell.”She started feeling tingling in her left leg, some dizziness, then symptoms escalated. Very quickly, we went to see the doctor‘, he narrated.

On the set of the show, Mark Doyer revealed that he went to see a doctor who first prescribed his wife an MRI of her dizziness. And he said: “We did an MRI and there, the diagnosis came quickly, we were told, a slight trace of an old stroke. While she was not feeling any discomfort, there was no twisted mouth as one would find in a traditional stroke… Then he was chained behind him. She began to have a tremor in her left leg, her left arm … There, we asked ourselves questions and saw a first neurologist.“Finally, that’s when the specialist told him it wasn’t a vascular problem, but an inflammatory problem which he explained:”I told him, “Listen, she was vaccinated two weeks ago, don’t you think there might be a link?” And she asked me questions, what is the vaccine, so I said Pfizer, when … and there she wrote a letter and said, ‘We have to do another MRI with a syringe, because I need to see what happened more precisely.

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Mark Doerr: ‘I know she’s going to die’

While his wife suffers from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, otherwise known as mad cow disease, Mark Doerr was captivated with emotion:I will remember her all my life because inevitably, Morissette was there – at that time, she was still talking and walking – She sees clearly that something is happening and says to me: What is this? Are you hiding something? And I admit it I couldn’t help cracking because you can’t even fight BSE! (…) I have my wife in front of me and deep down, I know she is going to die.” after Cyril Hanouna Asking him how his wife is doing, he added: “She is trying to speak. I chose to keep it at home, because I couldn’t give it up. Her condition deteriorated (…) Recently, she has been given Vitamin C and antioxidants… Since we did that, she has regained flexibility in her arms. It is quieter. She practically opens her eyes for days, which doesn’t make sense with the disease where symptoms should develop. The doctor finds Morissette much better.

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