Home Tech Livisi gives up: users need to know now

Livisi gives up: users need to know now

Livisi gives up: users need to know now

Finally, things are starting to cool off with the Livisi smart home system, but not in the way customers imagine. Founded under the umbrella of RWE, The Energy Group established the smart home division of Innogy in 2016, which later became part of EON. In 2020, Levise of Dortmund finally took over the order. On March 1, 2024 it will finally be over. The company is currently informing its clients by email.

All is not lost

On Page with the most frequently asked questions The company mentions the reasons for the end. It is a strategic decision. They wanted to align the system with privacy, autonomy and sustainability. However, it was not possible to restructure the company in accordance with these principles and at the same time be profitable.

All services must continue to operate as normal by the deadline. On March 1, 2024, customers will lose access to their user accounts. After all, it says in the mail: the data “will be permanently deleted by us”, that is, it will not be stored permanently. But this does not mean that the devices will not work anymore. According to Livisi, it is working on a way that customers can continue to use their smart homes in relation to the Livisi headquarters. The company talks about a “local smart home” without a connection to the cloud. Work on it is already very advanced, and beta testing is already running.

New life thanks to open source?

In addition, the company has increased its cooperation with “open source smart home” systems. The focus is on three services: OpenHab, HomeAssistant, and iOBRoker. Feature: The system can be interconnected with other devices and expanded with new functions. On the other hand, users must be willing to work towards one of the three systems. The manufacturer at least guarantees that users do not necessarily have to replace an existing smart home system with another.

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