The shop collapses after the club's decision from Gazprom
Schalke captain Simon Tyrode, like his teammates, ran without the ball in the match against Karlsruhe "Gazprom"-Lettering on.

Schalke captain Simon Tyrode, like his teammates, played without the letters “Gazprom” in the match against Karlsruhe.Photo: / Wolfgang Frank / Eibner press photo

Schalke 04 played in Karlsruhe without the letters of the old sponsor “Gazprom”. Instead, the Royal Blues plastered their bright red third jerseys with “FC Schalke 04” in the 1-1 draw at Wildpark at the weekend, which appeared to do well with the crowd.

Due to the high demand for the shirt without an advertisement for the Russian company, the club brought the special shirt “in limited quantities” to its online store on Monday morning, apparently resulting in huge waiting times and varying lengths of time.

S04’s Initial Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

This was the first time in the Ruhr club’s modern history that the club competed without the emblem of the former (now) sponsor “Gazprom” on the jersey. Schalke 04 announced in a statement on Thursday afternoon:

“In light of the events, developments and escalation of the past few days, FC Schalke 04 has decided to remove the letters from the shirts.”

A sentence from the press release FC Schalke 04

The move was taken after consulting with Gazprom Germania that “there is no alternative, as all the shirts in stock Schalke 04 have been printed since the start of the season”.

Since KSC played in the blue as the host on Saturday, Schalke 04 have resorted to the alternative red jersey at the Wildlife Park. The model was the same shirt that Schalke had worn during the season. In addition, the shirt is decorated with a special sign for the outdoor match.

Huge rush of fans in the morning

Within a few hours of the replacement shirts being announced, the club received numerous inquiries from fans about whether these kits would also go on sale. Due to the high demand, the decision was made to sell the special jersey via the Schalke fan store. The red jersey can be purchased for 69.99 euros, and the club spoke of a “limited number”.

As soon as the shirt became available on Monday morning, fans attacked the fan store, which is no longer available at the time.

The reactions of followers in the network are in turn negative:

User “Sternkind,” for example, wrote, “While the S04 online store page is being set up, I will get my master’s degree, immigrate to Sweden, build a house there and live happily on my pension,” and added in another tweet: The store is down since 8:55 a.m. Nothing is working. Not even logging in. Samma, @S04, which server are you actually using? The server is from the local BINGO game club at Liselotte Grabowski’s custom garden hut or wat is there come on?”

Another user wrote: “Did #Anonymous flatten the #schalke store, or what’s going on there?”

FC Schalke itself responded on its Twitter channel: “Due to the huge demand for the special jersey, the online store is currently reaching its limits. We ask you to be patient.”

It was also pointed out that the delivery of the T-shirts will take a few days. Shirts ordered on the first day of sale cannot be guaranteed to be delivered in time for the next home game against Hansa Rostock on Saturday (5 March). The association requested understanding here.



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