Air traffic: Russia closes its airspace

Status: 02/28/2022 2:58 PM

Several countries closed the airspace of Russian planes or airlines at the weekend – and now Russia is responding: planes from Germany and 35 other countries will not be allowed to fly over Russia in the future.

As a reaction to the closure of the airspace of several countries to Russian aircraft, aircraft from Germany and 35 other countries will not be allowed to fly over Russia. This was announced by the Russian aviation authority Rosawiazija. There may be exceptions with a special permit from the Russian Foreign Ministry, for example.

The published list refers to other European countries such as Austria, Poland, France, Finland, the Czech Republic and Belgium. Canada is also affected. It was not announced when this restriction would be lifted.

There are no Russian flights across the European Union

Germany and other EU countries have been with each other I decided to take a step in the face of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Then Russia announced that it would no longer allow machines from the countries concerned to fly into Russian airspace.

The German regulation went into effect over the weekend and affects flights to Germany and flights, the Federal Ministry of Transport announced. Humanitarian flights are exempt from the ban. According to the ministry, the ban will initially apply for a period of three months.

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