Home Tech GTA 6: Rockstar co-founder with bad news – humor can change drastically

GTA 6: Rockstar co-founder with bad news – humor can change drastically

GTA 6: Rockstar co-founder with bad news – humor can change drastically
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Fans welcome, no matter how small, about GTA 6. Jimmy King, one of the founders of Rockstar, has now spoken out about the next Rockstar title and has fans worried.

New York – While waiting for GTA 6, every little bit of information about the new game is important to fans – whether in the Easter eggs or the supposed secret messages in the official statements. Former Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King has now commented on GTA 6. In an interview, he made assumptions that are causing stomachaches for some fans.

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GTA 6: Jimmy King Interview – Co-founder Suspected that the humor will be lost

that happened: YouTuber “Killaz” had the opportunity to interview Jimmy King, co-founder of Rockstar Games, for Video to interview. In addition to the company itself, Jamie King also talked about GTA 6 in this interview. As a former Rockstar Games expert and senior, some fans have put his words in the golden balance.

Here’s what Jimmy King says: In an interview, Killaz asked how Rockstar Games, especially GTA 6, will change in the future. The co-founder of the Rockstar Foundation believes that the gameplay elements and mechanics are changing less because of Rockstar Games.”The systems are perfectOwns. But he still sees the details at stake that made GTA so popular – humor.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the tone changed and it wasn’t entirely offensive or not entirely funny.”

Jimmy King on YouTube

Jamie King sees the series of humor in jeopardy, which for many fans is a huge part of GTA DNA. He suspects that otherwise intense jokes can turn into cheesy jokes. At the end of his answer, King added that Rockstar Games has nonetheless.nice machine” where you have to work hardspoil it”.

GTA 6: Fans Are Divided – This Is How They Think Jamie King’s Speculation

What the fans say: After the failed GTA Trilogy with many bugs, many fans are worried about the next game in the GTA series. Rockstar Games is supposed to entice developers to fix bugs in GTA Trilogy. Jimmy King’s words spark more fear and in the comments on the YouTube video you can read opinions like: “I have a really bad feeling when it comes to GTA 6.”. But a large part of the community does not yet see GTA 6 in danger.

GTA 6 without wit and humor – co-founder of a rock star with bleak prospects

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But a lot of fans don’t really care what the co-founder thinks. Rockstar Games was founded by Jimmy King in 2006 from “Personal reasonsThus many think his guesses are as weighty as anyone else. However, many agree that it would be hard to spoil GTA 6 – even without the humor, Rockstar Games’ gameplay is very powerful and could also provide tried and tested gaming fun in the future.

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