Home Economy KKR founders herald the end of an era

KKR founders herald the end of an era

KKR founders herald the end of an era

With the US financial investor KKR, there is a generational change at the top. Does this change the strategy too?

The founders enter the American holding company KKR Henry Kravis And George Roberts As corporate heads, it heralds the end of an era. They hand over their positions as co-CEOs to their successors after 45 years with immediate effect.

The company is now from jo bay And Scott Nuttall The company also announced on Monday.

Pioneering private equity

Bay and Nuttall have been with KKR since 1996 and have been the co-chair of the listed company since 2017. They have long been considered potential successors to the founding duo, so a change at the top should not lead to a change in strategy.

Kravis and Roberts, 77 and 78, had KKR together in 1976 Jerome Kohlberg who died six years ago. KKR has been a pioneer in the private equity sector, buying mostly troubled companies in order to restructure and then selling them at a profit.

About 2000 people around the world are on the payroll

She added that Kravis and Roberts would continue to chair the board, maintain relationships with investors and advise on corporate strategy.

The company employs about 2,000 people worldwide, and investments in companies, real estate, insurance and loans amount to approximately $430 billion.


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