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NRW: New financing for charging infrastructure


Network connections in garage yards, express charging infrastructure and private charging points for e-cars have been eligible for financing since April 1.

54 million euros sticks it North Rhine-Westphalia in the new financing program about the electric mobility. Among other things, subsidies are granted Electrical connections for garage yards With Funding rate From a maximum of 40 percent to 10,000 euros.

Individuals, businesses and merchants can also use one 1500 EUR Scholarship to build one Non-public charging point received, if at least partially electrolyte from A Newly built renewable energy plant has been saved.

Private and public charging points are supported

charging points In parking spaces for tenants of apartment buildings, apartment complexes and employees Plus €1,000 per charging point to be supported.

companies and merchants can also consider buying Operational charging points charging capacity 50 kilowatts at least Get support. €200 per kilowatt of charging power can be included. Will the electricity come again? renewable energy plantthe subsidy rises to 250 euros per kilowatt of charging capacity.

Support insurance for electronic commercial vehicles

companies and merchantsthat in one public charging point You can invest with a grant 1500 Euro for your Ladepunkt Calculate. Charging points are included with a charging capacity of at least 50 kW (Quick Charge Point) 250 euros kW Promotion.

In addition, there is less than Other care about electric charging bikes or Electronic Commercial Vehicles for companies.

my knowledge my knowledge All additional information is available online here.

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Source: North Rhine-Westphalia

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