Home Sports Jonathan Weitz: Get the scoop on Clemsons new kicker for the Florida State game – Bio Prep Watch

Jonathan Weitz: Get the scoop on Clemsons new kicker for the Florida State game – Bio Prep Watch

Jonathan Weitz: Get the scoop on Clemsons new kicker for the Florida State game – Bio Prep Watch

Title: Clemson Kicker Jonathan Weitz Prepares for Debut in High-Stakes Match against Florida State

Clemson University’s football team is eager to witness the debut of their starting kicker, Jonathan Weitz, in this weekend’s intense game against fourth-ranked Florida State. Weitz, who spent the past four seasons as a backup, made the decision to return to the team after receiving a significant call from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney.

While pursuing his online master’s degree, Weitz has been residing in Charleston and was recently notified that he is set to graduate this December. With a job already lined up in the bustling city of New York, Weitz’s determination to balance academics and athletics is commendable.

Despite lacking significant field goal experience in his college career, Weitz did make all three of his point after touchdown (PAT) attempts during prior games. However, he hasn’t had the opportunity to attempt a college-level field goal yet. Nevertheless, Weitz’s previous high school success, where he made 12 out of 20 field goal attempts and 68 out of 71 extra point tries while attending Porter-Gaud in Charleston, adds to his anticipation for his upcoming performance.

Weitz’s dedication and perseverance are demonstrated by his potential return for a sixth year as a graduate senior in 2024, thanks to the additional eligibility provided to players from the 2020 season. This generosity from the college gives Weitz an opportunity to further prove himself as an essential asset to the team.

Coach Swinney took immediate action upon realizing that Weitz was still pursuing his education and swiftly contacted him. Swinney recognized the immense talent and potential that Weitz possesses, which led to the opportunity for him to become the starting kicker for Clemson.

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Swinney revealed that Weitz will likely be the primary kicker, handling both field goals and PATs despite incumbent kicker Robert Gunn III remaining the preferred option for longer-distance kicks. Weitz’s debut as the starting kicker will be a test against an exceptionally skilled Florida State team. This game is of utmost importance for the Clemson Tigers, who cannot afford to fall to a 0-2 record in the ACC conference.

As the Clemson Tigers gear up for this crucial match, the spotlight will be on Jonathan Weitz as he embraces the opportunity to showcase his talent and contribute to the team’s success. Clemson fans eagerly await his debut and hope that Weitz’s expertise will be a significant factor in securing an important victory for the team.


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