It is said that approximately 80,000 euros went to the owner of a luxury apartment in Munich in the spring of 2021. The cost of renting his property near the English Garden is 6,600 euros per month – so one year’s costs were covered in advance. That reports that “Handelsblatt”.

So the sender of the transfer was a man named Jamil Al-Din Ahmed – carried out by a major bank from the United Arab Emirates. “For Jan” was apparently in the message of the deal.

This can only mean Jean Marsalec, who has been the tenant for many years Flat He was friends with the 41-year-old Austrian who was on the board of the now insolvent financial services provider until June 2020 and is considered the world’s most wanted white-collar criminal.

Jan Marsalek fled to Belarus in Cessna

His escape began on June 19, 2020 when he flew from Bad Voslau in Austria to Minsk in Belarus on a Cessna plane. Since then, it has not been clear exactly where Marsalek is.

According to information from the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), he could be in Moscow. that was “Globalism” Reported, citing information from the Commission of Inquiry Wirecard. The head of the BND, Bruno Cale, is said to have said in the confidential part of the interrogation that “according to indications, Jan Marsalek is suspected of being close to Moscow”.

Speculation is not new. As early as August 2020, the German Federal Intelligence Service reported specific suspicions and assumed “the wanted person is in the care of the Russian services”.

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Marsalk likes to use nicknames

But the move from the UAE could be a clear sign of life from the fickle former Wirecard manager and investigators can now lead to new findings.

Chat messages that match “Handelsblatt” Prove that Marsalk used pseudonyms often in the past. He is said to have called “Richard Dabrowski” and “Karim Kasemi” during his escape.

So it seems at least realistic that the Austrian or one of his strawmen would now act as “Jamil al-Din Ahmad”. It is unlikely that an uninvolved third party would pay the rent for Marsalek’s old girlfriend.

Marsalk’s girlfriend should get out of the apartment

The owner of the luxury property in Munich sounded the alarm after receiving his rent payment. The Munich prosecutor confirmed this to “Handelsblatt”: “We can confirm receipt of a money laundering report from Fürst-Fugger-Bank in this context.” Therefore no more information can be given.

Marsalek’s girlfriend recently had to leave the apartment. The owner did not accept the payment – the eviction lawsuit against Marsalek is still pending in the Munich District Court.

But for German investigators, the UAE’s extensive banking secrecy could become a stumbling block. Information is rarely disclosed to foreign authorities.


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