And the share certificate of the energy company E.on is among the losers today, down 7.4 percent. The value is currently set at €8.43.

Cycle decreases by 7.38 percent
. The value of the gas supplier today, which closed at 9.10 euros on the previous trading day, lost 67 cents (7.38 percent). Recently, the value of E.on was set at €8.43.

The value entered trading on Thursday at €8.95 and meanwhile reached a daily high of €8.97.

At 32.8 percent, E.on shares were well below their 52-week high of €12.54. Accessed on 03/02/2022. The 52-week low starts from June 14, 2022 and is €9.09.

As of 1:15 pm, the turnover with the stock was 76.2 million euros and 8,825,629 shares were traded. At this time, 2,547,618 notes worth €20.9 million were in circulation the day before.

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