Bachelorette 2022: Season 9 filmed in Thailand

In 2022, 20 men will embark on a journey Attractive targetTo Mr. Sharon Battist they are Mr. To prove that can be right. As presents this year’s awards “Die Bachelorette” Roses in RTL. In the dreamLocation This time there is a real premiere for the romantic journey: this is the first time for bachelorettes and candidates Asia.
  • Wow “The Bachelorette” will be exactly in 2022 Returned?
  • Located in any place Villa?
  • Where they were Shooting locations Previous seasons?
All information about the location of the shoot and this year’s location can be found in this overview. Read more about Season 9 airing.

Where will The Bachelorette be filmed in 2022?

At “Die Bachelorette” 2022 This is taking Sharon Batista and the candidates towards an unprecedented goal. Is at the same time Location A real premiere. In previous seasons so far always in Europe Returned Was, it follows this time Asia. Unload 9th season Was inside Thailand Returned. Exactly where Candidates for “bachelorette” and individual and group dates do not seem to end up there. But one thing is clear: tropical people are waiting for Sharon Batiste and men in Thailand Beaches For exciting dates. And the The capital is Bangkok This can be an absolute highlight for a date with a very modern skyline.

But for whom can there even be an appointment with a bachelor? We provide you with an overview of candidates for this year.

Facts about Thailand at a glance

Thailand It is one of the absolute dream destinations of tourists from all over the world. Within the kingdom Southeast Asia Is for his dream Beaches Named for its white sand, but offers a lot to find. This includes, for example, Buddhism Culture And royal palaces and ancient ruins. Here is an overview of the most important facts about Thailand:

  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Official language: Thai
  • Surface: 513.115 km
  • Resident: About 69.8 million
  • Head civilization: Bangkok
  • Currency: Pot
Another couple who split up

Where is the House of Candidates and the “Bachelorette”?

Each season of The Bachelorette, Bachelorette and the contestants go for two luxuries The villain With a breathtaking view. Also in 2022 Sharon Batiste and participants will be home in real dream locations. But exactly where these are located in Thailand is currently unknown.

Where was The Bachelorette filmed in previous seasons?

The roses in “The Bachelorette” are by far the most beautiful and sunny Places Distributed in Europe. Most recently, we often went to Greece. It’s the whole season now Asia Rotated is new. But the former were exactly where they were Regiments Did you film the dating show?

Overview of here Previous “bachelorette” shooting locations:

  • Season 1: C டிte d’Azur in France
  • Season 2: Portugal
  • Season 3: Portugal
  • Season 4: Marbella in Spain
  • Season 5: Corbyn in Greece
  • Season 6: Greece
  • Season 7: Crete in Greece
  • Season 8: Kefalonia in Greece


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