Herta worries about the security chief
Own goal Forth earns the point

Grutherford is still waiting for his first win of the season at Buenos Aires. Against Hertha from Berlin, Shamrocks take the lead after a poor start through a penalty. But in the end, an own target killed the Franks. The old lady, the guard must worry about Poita.

The new signing Jurgen Ecklencomb gave Hertha BSc his second consecutive long-awaited victory in his debut. 87 seconds after the conversion, Ajax equalized with 21-year-old Spiviji Grutherford (61st minute) from Amsterdam. Prior to that, at the start of the day for the 5th match of the Bundesliga, Pranimir Harcotta (57th) highlighted the guests with a converted kick in the evening. He then played a major role in the winning goal when he was pressed by Fort Maximilian Boyer after Dutch Echeloncomb Marco Richter, who was also converted, the latter converting the ball into his own goal (79th).

In the second half, in front of 21,372 spectators, Hertha played better, with determination and aggression – and thanks to the appropriate change from coach Paul Dart. Forth are still waiting for their first win of the season in the league, just below the table with just one point. Improving Hertha advanced to ninth place with six points. Director of Sports

RN Friedrich wanted to see “more football” from his Hertha, the team won its first victory (3: 1) at VfL Bochum, mainly with a lot of fighting and a little defense. But the flashing lights at the Berlin Olympic Stadium showed early on that it would not be the “miracle kick” Tardai had predicted. Both teams fought hard for possession, especially in midfield. One-on-one trump card, no playful ingenuity.

Harcotta’s sentence is not enough

The former Schalke suit, who scored two of the only five goals in the first four games in Berlin, set the first signal for the home side. After an excellent personal performance, his shot from 16 meters missed the distance post. However, as requested by Coach Stephen Leadle, the guests were not limited to continuing to defend themselves in any way. They kept moving in the Berlin half, and Jeremy Dodgeak, who was called up for the first time in the first row, was well fitted. But Forth was unable to create a goal risk at first. After 25 minutes, Dartay, who had already converted his starting eleven to five levels, had to switch to defense. Like Pochu, 17-year-old Linus Ketcher went to the headquarters of Belgian defense chief Tedric Poyota with a thigh injury.

Despite senior Kevin-Prince Boden as the midfield organizer, Hertha was unable to shake off the buzz. Opportunity for crack bowlers is rare. When Deyovaisio Zeefuik crossed the ball, Serdar and Myziane Maolida slid the ball wide. The newcomer from Nice was allowed to start for the first time and mentioned his skills a few times, especially in triple. However, in the 68th minute, Malida had to leave the field with an injury to his left thigh and Marco Richter came for him.

After the break, both teams gave up their goal hesitation. Harcotta only converted a penalty after Geefook hit an active dodge in the penalty area on foot. Then Hertha’s newcomer Ekellenkamp attacked again. The Dutchman took a 1-1 lead in the corner of defender Morton Dortoin. And Ekilenkamp played a key role in the second goal. After the alternate referee’s cross, Bauer wanted to clarify in front of Eckellencomb and unfortunately took the ball to his feet, from where it rolled to his own goal.

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