Italy: 2 items, 2 million prizes - Police are investigating 40-year-olds

He first won € 1 million with a scratch card, two weeks later with the next € 2 million ticket: The alleged fortune of a 40-year-old man raised doubts about the authorities in the Italian city of Verona.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Financial Police have launched investigations against a craftsman from the province of Mantua, south of Verona, according to one report among others. The Republic And the Il Gazzettino. Police confirmed the reports.

The Brazilian reportedly earned € 1 million in early February with a scratch card that he bought from a stall near Modena. According to reports, he immediately submitted the invoice to a bank in order to transfer the amount. About two weeks later he is said to have hit another stroke of luck at Garda, and this time around € 2 million in one piece.

The authorities learned when the man entered a large amount into an account Brazil He wanted to take him, according to reports. Police are investigating whether the man has links with suspects at a company that distributes tickets. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating this in ROM Already a fraud.

The suspect’s lawyer, “La Repubblica,” said his client was lucky.

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