Home Top News Italians fear Ufa mega scam – BZ Berlin

Italians fear Ufa mega scam – BZ Berlin

Italians fear Ufa mega scam – BZ Berlin

The Italian sports newspaper “Cassette Dello Sport” suspects that the Italians may like UEFA English in the European Championship final. The reason: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson (57) is considered to be the person who blocked the Super League.

As a reminder: In April 2021 the twelve major clubs formed the Super League, which was to be held as a largely closed league with 20 teams. This would have been the end of the UEFA Champions League.

Apart from the fans, some players and associations, criticism also arose from politics. Boris Johnson was very clear at the time: “Plans can be detrimental to football.”

His government announced that it would do everything possible to prevent the introduction of the Super League. Due to massive pressure, most clubs left the program in April.

The European Union now wants to reward English for this, “Cassette” suspects. One of the biggest supporters of the Super League, especially with Joe boss Andrea Agnelli (45), is the Italian …

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An article in The Sun, an English newspaper, now states: “Johnson is in the history books as the man who saved European football. A reward would be logical. “

The Italians see the penalty for England in the semi-final against Denmark (2: 1) as proof of their theory.

Regarding the final, it says: “Roberto Mancini (Italian coach / edition) must consider two things: the strength of the opponent and the political wind blowing over Wembley.”

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Update: “Cassette Dello Sport” is not very comfortable with your own article. Meanwhile it has disappeared from the homepage.


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