Elizabeth of Belgium shows herself in a camouflage suit

Members of the royal families can usually be seen in the best designs. However, Crown Princess Elizabeth has now been photographed wearing a camouflage suit. The King’s daughter is currently completing her first year of training at the Royal Military Academy.

The eldest daughter of the Belgian King Philip and his wife Mathilde has just finished her first year at the Royal Military Academy in Arlon, and she is going through the last training phase of this training at Camp Lagland.

Elizabeth of Belgium entered the academy in September.  (Source: imago / PPE photos)Elizabeth of Belgium entered the academy in September. (Source: imago / PPE photos)

Photos for a press conference show the 19-year-old crown prince in a camouflage suit and blue military cap doing exercises in the field, aboard a military truck, as she walks and eats breakfast in a military tent. Elizabeth also addressed a few words to reporters.

The 19-year-old shows herself in a camouflage suit.  (Source: imago / PPE photos)The 19-year-old shows herself in a camouflage suit. (Source: imago / PPE photos)

I entered the academy last September. On July 21, BelgiumNational Day, you will also take part in the show. As reported by the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”, this will be her last year of military training. King Philip He spent three years at the prestigious institution between 1978 and 1981.

Training ‘too hard’

When it became known that Elizabeth from Belgium was coming to the military academy, a student from the training school gave an insight. Evelyn Gravez revealed, according to the Daily Mail, that in the first few weeks the princess will learn to shoot a rifle, pitch a military tent, walk with a backpack and read maps. There will also be tactical training.

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She also said the training was “very hard,” but added that the camp wasn’t like the stereotypes of a military school seen in Hollywood movies: “They don’t yell at you when you make mistakes. Of course they have to do it sometimes. It can be tough. Because it has to be fixed. Make mistakes as fast as they can. But if you learn a little slowly, they are there to encourage you, not bark at you,” said the 22-year-old.


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