«Les carences industrielles du continent en vaccins sont telles que nous nous devions d

maintenance – Moderna announces the construction of a plant in Africa which is supposed to be operational in two to four years.

The investment will reach $500 million, thanks to profits made over the past year from the sale of Covid vaccines. American biotech, which had never commercialized products until then, is expanding the production tool in order to prepare for the post-Covid period. It has dozens of vaccines under clinical development, especially against influenza. Stefan Bancel, CEO of Moderna, evaluates his strategy.

Le Figaro. – Moderna announces on Thursday the construction of a plant in Africa for $500 million. Why such an investment?

Stephen Bancel. – It is a strategic decision for the company. Each year, along with Moderna’s board of directors, we review our ten-year guidelines. Given our large portfolio of vaccines in development for respiratory and tropical diseases and AIDS, it would have been impossible to imagine Moderna’s future without a plant in Africa. Shortcomings

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