'Unbreakable': RTL showcases celebrities on their emotional journey of self-discovery

Starting November 10, RTL will be showing the Unbreakable series, where ten celebrities face their own troubles – and come to terms with their pasts.

cologne – There are moments in every person’s life that make him or her unique. Be it the loss of a loved one, lack of self-confidence, or addiction. Celebrities aren’t immune to this either. in the new RTLThe series “Unbreakable”: ten TV faces facing their problems.

The faces of the new series (from left to right): Eric Steffest (32), Mimi Fiedler (46), Christian Kahraman (49), Monika Suzanska (38), Hardy Krueger Jr. (53), Ekaterina Leonova (34), Susi Kentekian ( 49), Jasmine Tawil (39), Marvin Linke (29) and Osan Yaran (34). © RTL / Mattia Smolcic

All participants have one thing in common: they have experienced difficulties at some point in their lives and have struggled with the things that shape them to this day.

As announced by RTL, celebrities, reality stars, athletes and actors in the new series are going on a journey into themselves and will work out their problems and their personality with the help of life coaches.

The goal is for the 10 participants to grow themselves and be a role model for the audience.

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“Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova (34), former “GZSZ” actress Jasmine Tawil (39), actress Mimi Fiedler (46), former swordsman Monica Suzanska (38), boxer Sosiana Kentekian (49), are traveling for This. “Lindenstrasse” actor Kristian Kahrmann (49), actor Erik Steffest (32), actor Hardy Krueger Jr. (53), actor Marvin Linke (29), and comedian Osan Yaran (34) went abroad.

All the stars had their own destiny and wanted to leave their demons behind.

Coaches Markus von Hof (40, left to right), Nadia Petronovskaya (48), Felix Koster (31) and Julian Kotich (38) will be sponsoring the series' celebrities.

Coaches Markus von Hof (40, left to right), Nadia Petronovskaya (48), Felix Koster (31) and Julian Kotich (38) will be sponsoring the series’ celebrities. © RTL / Mattia Smolcic

In order to achieve this goal, they get support from “PROs”. These are experienced life coaches who are able to return people to a stable mental and physical state.

Psychologist Nadia Petronovskaya, 48, soldier and hand-to-hand combat instructor Markus von Hof, 40, professional soldier Julian Kotech, 38, and personal trainer Felix Koster, 31, will challenge the 10 different characters in training programs and discussions.

RTL The series airs from Wednesday, November 10 at 8:15 pm.

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