The legal dispute between Heidi Klum (47) and her father Gunther (75) never ended. Now Leni Klim’s (17) lawyer is also intervening.

Los Angeles / Bergis Cladbach – Case between Heidi Klum (48) and his father Gunther (75) apparently did not end. Now Leni Klim’s (17) lawyer is also intervening.

Lenny (17) wants to follow in the footsteps of model mom Heidi Klum (48).

Lenny (17) wants to follow in the footsteps of model mom Heidi Klum (48). ©

Koshti Klum wanted to trademark the rights to Heidi’s daughter in March.

Heidi doesn’t want to sit on her and pulls out heavy artillery: the model’s mother is said to have hired a lawyer on Lenny’s behalf. It raises serious allegations against the 75-year-old.

As Colorful According to reports, star lawyer Maria Hurik accused Gonder Klum of “name assumption”.

Michael Wendler is said to have enriched Laura Mல்லller's income
Michael Wendler
Michael Wendler is said to have enriched Laura Mல்லller’s income

Entrepreneurs are said to have behaved very cunningly: he was registered as his mother’s name Heleni Auguste, also known as Lenny — a trademark, learned from the 75-year-old environment.

Did he try to get his granddaughter’s name through the back door?

In interviews he repeatedly talked about Lenny’s interesting life. According to Hurricane, she wanted to create an “intellectual connection” between her modeling company and the 17-year-old young talent.

This affects the ambition and economic interests of Heidi’s daughter and damages her reputation.

However, behind the scenes, the relationship between Lenny and her grandfather should not be tense. Gunther Klum shared a screenshot of the chat with his granddaughter on his Instagram page, in which he sent her small heart emojis.

At this point, all signs indicate that the Klum family has reconciled. Gunther was a guest on Heidi and her children in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and shared a photo online with daughter Heidi.

A few hours ago, a man from Pergis Cladbach shared a photo of a white bouquet, “Thanks to the beauties on my birthday Leni, Henry, Johann & Lou.”

FamilianSafe looks different … Can Glooms separate personal and business matters particularly well?

It is still unclear when the authorities will make a decision and whether the name dispute will end.

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