Home Top News Donald Trump and his plans for revenge: the critic should fear for his seat in the Senate

Donald Trump and his plans for revenge: the critic should fear for his seat in the Senate

Donald Trump and his plans for revenge: the critic should fear for his seat in the Senate

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is Trump’s fiercest critic among Senate Republicans. Donald Trump is already planning the end of her post.

PALM BEACH – Donald Trump continues his plans for revenge. His agenda, which is supposed to lead to a Republican realignment in Trump’s party, focuses primarily on the party’s internal critics. Lisa Murkowski has repeatedly positioned herself publicly as such. The US senator from Alaska has not spared the former president for years of sharp criticism.

After storming the US Capitol, Murkowski addressed clear words to Donald Trump and indicated, among other things, that he could imagine leaving the party if Trump made another attempt at the White House. The mixture of blame for the deadly January 6 riots at Trump and public criticism is exactly what Donald Trump so loathes.

He relies heavily on maintaining his account of the actual election winner, whose re-election was stolen, to maintain his claim to leadership within the Republican Party and its base. At the same time, he needs his party’s support too much when it comes to rejecting all responsibility for “the darkest day in modern American democracy” (Nancy Pelosi).

Lisa Murkowski blames Donald Trump for storming the Capitol

There is a female senator among her ranks who clearly points out Trump’s guilt and voted by a majority of the US Senate on the subsequent impeachment of the avid golfer, of course a huge thorn in the side of a man who prefers to surround himself with. People who honor him.

Months ago, Donald Trump sat down with his most loyal people and discussed how his inner-partisan rivals of Senators Mitt Romney (Utah) and Lisa Murkowski could be prevented from being re-elected. Since then, the president-elect has rarely failed to anger his unpopular party colleagues and anger his followers.

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Now Donald Trump wants to do the job. Specifically, the goal is to prevent Murkowski’s re-election in Alaska by sending an opposition candidate into the race and sponsoring him in the Republican primary. The goal is clear: Without party support, Murkowski has little chance of re-entering the US Senate.

Donald Trump wants to get rid of Lisa Morcosi and send Kelly Chebaka to the race

This pro-Trump opposition figure is Kelly Chebaka, according to her Twitter profile “a proud wife and mother of five.” Unlike Lisa Murkowski, whom Donald Trump wrote about in his “Form the Desk of Donald J. Trump” blog, and which has since been pulled again, as having been “bad for Alaska,” Tshibaka impresses with being completely free for a hint of criticism to stand up. behind Trump. A position that is currently considered the most important qualification for a promising Republican nomination.

Noun Lisa Ann Murkowski
position US Senator (since 2002)
Political party republican
Modification 64 years (May 22, 1957)
place of birth Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Donald Trump himself leaves no doubt about this: “Murkowski has to go! Kelly Chebacca is the candidate who can defeat Murkowski — and she will. Kelly is a fighter for Alaska and America first values,” the (fairly) secret party leader told his base. He is looking forward to promoting Mrs. Tshibaka in Alaska. The Washington Post oracles could stand in the way of Trump’s support for his local candidate in Alaska.

Trump’s nominee Chebaka wants to “take back” the Senate seat from Senator Lisa Murkowski

Chebaka recently shared her happiness with Trump’s support on Twitter. She was “somewhat honored and grateful” to have the former president’s approval. This means the difference between victory and defeat. For her opponent, Trump’s candidate has a poisoned message: “Having his strong support is great news for our campaign and better news for the people of Alaska. Because it means we’ll take back control of our Senate seat from Lisa Murkowski.”

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Recovery. from the republican. Chebaka’s wording suggests that the senator, who has represented her party in the Senate for nearly 20 years, is a bit of a polluter. Politician must grab a seat. These are words that have long been used in election campaigns. However, so far only towards democratic office holders.

For or against Donald Trump: the political dividing line runs through the Republican Party

But those old certainties, the line between Republicans here and Democrats there, no longer apply in the politics shaped by Donald Trump. The dividing line now runs through the Republican Party. It reads: You’re either with Trump — or you’re out. (Mirko Schmid)


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