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In Latvia: German U21 footballers win again

The German U21 national team wanted to get the next three points after a clear, final victory against San Marino. Coach Stephen Kunds’ team was able to do just that.

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With dedication and enthusiasm, Germany’s U21 footballers avoided an early setback in the battle for the European Championship ticket. Exceptional talent led by Youssef McCoco led coach Stephen Kunds to a 3-1 (2-1) win over Latvia in Riga on Tuesday after an initial lack of selection. This means the reigning champion has a maximum of six points with two wins after two games. Tickets for the 2023 European Championship finals in Georgia and Romania can only be purchased by the team winner.

Other enemies are Poland, Hungary and Israel. Five days after the 6-0 win over San Marino, the young German footballers struggled against strong Latvians and were held back by a header from Ilza Korotkovs (8th minute). The Kunts then struggled again in the selection, turning the game around with the victories of McCocco (25th), Angelo Stiller (41st) and Malik Diav (48th).

DFB-Elf wanted a quick response

The initial phase was marked by several fights. The initial setback did not make the task easier for young Germans. After a corner, the hosts used their physical superiority to make it 1-0 ahead. The DFB-Elf tried to give a quick response, but the goal did not create danger. A shot from Tom Cross past the goal is a more dangerous approach (20th).

Stephen Kunds: Got a good start in qualifying for the European Championship with his team.  (Source: Imago Images / Moritz Mல்லller)Stephen Kunds: Got a good start in qualifying for the European Championship with his team. (Source: Moritz Mல்லller / Imago Images)

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The defense in front of Huffenheim’s Luca Philippe, moved towards the goal, had repeated problems. In the attack, captain Jonathan Burkard missed the biggest chance of equalizing when he hit a penalty kick in the aluminum (25th). However, seconds later, his strike partner McCoco scored: with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, he scored his third U21 goal in the second game.

The DFB exam was better and better at the game. In particular, 16-year-old Moukoko – the youngest German U21 national player and U21 goal scorer since last week – has faced repeated problems with the Latvian defense. In many situations the striker may have scored his second goal. But then Stiller just hit a long-range shot just before the break.

After the break, Schlocks Diav went into a corner. The Kunts-Elf then managed a two-goal lead, allowing only a little defensive effort and a second win.

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