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Police officer injured before kick-off: Schalke compromises with leaders

Police officer injured before kick-off: Schalke compromises with leaders

The policewoman was injured before the kick-off
Schalke draws balance with league leaders

FC Schalke did not concede a goal for the fourth time in a row, without Dynamo Dresden conceding their own goals for the third time in a row. The evening game of the 2nd Bundesliga will eventually become a definite thing. Before starting, a policeman was injured during a vehicle search.

Schalke 04 bit the table of the 2nd Bundesliga with a winning line. The relegated Bundesliga beat Dynamo Dresden 3-0 (1-0) and won their fourth game in a row without conceding a single goal in front of atmospheric background. Dresden, on the other hand, lost three games in a row to zero.

Thanks to Thomas Owen (20th), Marius Boulder (78th) and Marcin Kominski (90th +4th), the Schalke league leaders held FC St. Paul’s to points, however, on Sunday (1.30pm / sky & ntv .de in live ticker Hansa can pull back three points against Rostock.

The dynamo began to be strong, courageous, and pressing. But Schalke scored: About 20 minutes later, Schalke was able to put real pressure on Dresden for the first time. Reinhold Ranfthl entered the penalty area and goalkeeper Kevin Brol saved the shot. But Thomas Owen returned with an outstretched leg and pushed the ball into Dresden’s net (20th).

No alcohol and no more cops

In the 40th minute, Schalke’s striker Simon Derode broke the second Bundesliga goal record. Deroth stood alone in front of the gate – but Balter’s side passed him. This means that Dorothy will have to share the record for the most number of goals scored by a Dieter with a Scotsman, both of whom have scored 153 times so far.

Dresden continued to play at eye level and took command, but Pascal Somin (62nd) had no chance of hitting the most dangerous title. Christoph Dauferner (70th) may have equalized. Schalke did not continue to use his counterattack opportunities: Jaroslav Mikhail pushed the ball into his hands when he was free (49th).

56,000 spectators gave the system a high defensive game incentive. Police conducted extensive checks, alcohol was banned, and there were plenty of staff behind the guest block. A policeman was injured during a pre-game check. A police spokesman said the unidentified man escaped from the car and collided head-on with a 28-year-old police officer, causing minor injuries. She was taken to the hospital for examination.

In the evening, according to media reports, police were unable to say definitively whether the stranger was a Dresden football fan. That is the point of the inquiry. The car took off from Autobahn 42 at 3:25 pm at the Kelsankirchen-Bismarck junction. He had the Dresden license plate. During an inspection of Reckfield Strauss, authorities found that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license. Suddenly he started the vehicle and abruptly left. The 28-year-old officer fell to the ground, according to police.

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