Regional Schedule President Rod-Weiss Essen won the job 2-1 (1-0) at SV Lipstot. RWE excites it unnecessarily.

Rot-Weiss Essen led the table with a 2-1 (1-0) win over SV Lippstadt. Essen played better in the first half, but the main thing was to score three points hard because the Red-Whites were almost indifferent to their chances. In the end she had to shudder, but they certainly deserved the win.

RWE coach Christian Needhart relied on the attack

A leading player must be brave. Especially since you have won five times in a row and have a clear right to top the league. And coach Christian Needhard made a clear attack at the Liebelt Arena in Lipstot and sent Slotko Jonjic to the field with the exception of Simon Engelman who fielded.

The Lipstot team started the season well, with 13 points and they are seventh. They have won three of the four home games, and they noted this home strength in the first few minutes.

The guests had trouble setting up the game as they soon annoyed them. The hosts tried their luck with long passes at the interface. But with Rios Alonso and Daniel Hepherd focusing on Essen at the center, there was no reward for trying too hard on Lipstot.

Local fans waved their three big flags in good spirits and by voice they had a clear advantage over the 200 RWE fans who received tickets.

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But the acoustic tailwind from the stand was of no use, ten minutes later the essence was in the trigger and gradually began to roll. After Janjik’s pass, Isaiah Young scored one of his unavoidable sprints, and from the ground he delivered the ball to Simon Engelman, who only hit the post (11th).

Over the next hundred percent Kevin Holmesweiler received a model ball from Derholtz, but was more likely to be a candidate for the target shoot at the Lipstod Club House from a short distance, so far he missed the target (23rd).

Derholtz also had a chance when Grodd and Holesweiler destroyed their team well. But Lipstot goalkeeper Christopher Falconhoff snatched his shot with an amazing flight (35th).

Two offsite targets were added, which were well prepared. In general, this is standard offside, so RWE had a minor problem in the first half.

A stable situation had to help the long-qualified leadership of the guests, who clearly controlled the action because the enemy did not even come close to a chance. In a corner of the Dorholts, Rios Alonso finally led the 1-0 (39th) recovery.

Before the break, SVL goalkeeper Balkanhoff Janjik saved an attempt when he responded quickly to block from five meters (41st).

Red-and-white was strong in controlled, combined, duels. There was nothing to complain about after 45 minutes at the appearance of the championship leaders. It should have led to height.

After the change, reds and whites no longer dominated. Lippstädter bites again, excelled in the game and often appeared in front of the Essen gate without actually being dangerous at first. But the result is always dangerous for the one who is always at the forefront.

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RWE gathers balance against Lippstadt

Once the back team did not pay attention, Paulo Myella ran free and got the ball and pushed him into the net: 1: 1 (69th). First chance, first goal – balancing. The machines kept it to themselves.

Rod-Weiss tried to respond. Nietzsche filled them in with Sachcha Volke and Okujan Kefkir, who also missed a goal from the penalty spot (71).

Volke finally caught the ball, ran, played around one or two opponents and prepared with a great solo of 2-1, Santro Plechatti, who stood free in the far corner (75th).

As Plagodi rushed into the opponent’s penalty area with unbridled commitment, the ball fell unhappily at Engelman’s feet. This is one hundred percent gone (79th). In response, Davey came up against Milla and then against Heiserholt (88.) – Lipstod, and it was exciting.

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