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Hamburg plans night speed limit of 30 for 85 main streets | NDR.de – News

Hamburg plans night speed limit of 30 for 85 main streets |  NDR.de – News

As of: May 26, 2021 6:10 am.

More people in Hamburg are affected by levels above 55 decibels at night and the main fault is car traffic. Environmental Senator Jens Kersten (Greens) presented the new noise action plan at a state news conference Tuesday.

The program offers three focal points: the introduction of 30 km / h sections, reducing air noise and “quiet areas”. Since road traffic is the main source of noise, a total of 85 new units are set to be introduced at 30pm at night. It should be quiet from 10pm to 6am. “There are environmental issues in Hamburg that we can and should not ignore, and the main reason for that is motor vehicle traffic,” Kersten said.

The first roads will be operational by the middle of the year

The first streets where this regulation will be implemented in the middle of next year will include areas of B73 Stator Strauss, P5 Ephestrace and Hertestrace, but also areas of Bramfelder Chassis, Shoulder Knife, Austfrieslandstrace and Finconverter Nordetich. A further 65 sections are to be followed over the next three years.

The noise is reduced by three decibels

The Senate is making significant progress for more than 35,000 people in Hamburg as it expands at 30km / h at night. Reducing the speed of traffic is aimed at reducing noise by three decibels, which in turn halves the amount of traffic.

Where it is already quiet, it should be quiet: a total of 41 forests and woodlands, cemeteries and green spaces in the noise action plan are particularly deserving of protection.

Introduction to “Quiet Areas”

“Quiet areas” are a bit quick to implement. These are areas of at least 50 hectares, of which nothing associated with extra noise can be planned at this time. People here should continue to find reliable peace. For example in the Sunder and Stuck forest, in the Frankof Schild Mountains, in Clovenstein, in the Haldigbam and Hawk State Forest.

“There are environmental issues, we should not ignore them, the main reason for that is road traffic,” the environmental senator said. Confused, healthy sleep is only possible if it is quiet around it. But slow driving was not the only way to reduce noise: the A7 covers brought in a lot, as well as the replacement of the Wilhelmsburger Reichstrais and last but not least the exhaust was on their way as they were getting out of the working traffic of the Soko “Autoposer” that pulled over 1,000 cars.

Additional information

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