YouTube am neuen Apple TV 4K ab sofort in 4K mit 60 fps

The YouTube app now supports twice the frame rate on the Apple TV 4K, but that only applies to the new Apple Tv 4K. Old-style 30fps limit still applies. Doubling the frame rate became possible thanks to the most powerful processor in the updated version of the box.

YouTube recently brought a great surprise to app users on Apple TV 4K. In this version of Apple TV Box, YouTube videos of 4K are now supported at 60 fps.

YouTube users of the Apple TV 4K app recently reported on SMS to Twitter and other social media that the refresh rate on Apple TV 4K has recently doubled.

4K at only 60 frames per second on the new Apple TV 4K

However, only owners of the new Apple TV 4K can watch YouTube videos in 4K at 60 fps. Users of the old and first generation Apple TV 4K are still limited to 30 frames per second. 4K was introduced by YouTube on Apple TV 4K a few months ago.

Doubling the frame rate in the new Apple TV 4K is possible thanks to the new processor: the A12 Bionic is used here, but the chip is also not quite so, as it was first introduced in the iPhone Xs in the fall of 2018.

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