Gucci is having a big party with adidas

The new adidas jumpsuit from Gucci.  Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

The new adidas jumpsuit from Gucci. Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

Milan Fashion Week

The new Gucci collection is more colorful and charming than ever. This time around, Alessandro Michele has decked out his classic classic look with the German sports brand’s triple white stripe and triple leaf look.

Background: walls with panels of distorting mirrors, possibly a symbol of distorted perspectives. But what does the word “distorted” mean? What is the view that seems honest in today’s reality?

Challenging stereotyped ways of thinking and deconstructing entrenched elitism and class thinking is typical of Alessandro Michele, whose soul is in an inclusive mindset: it is the absolute freedom that Michel expressed seven years ago when he first appeared as Gucci The new creative director has only shown reluctance, giving more and more vividly over the years and today he really advocates – the absolute freedom to wear what you feel.

At Gucci, everything is possible and everything is allowed. Like at a big wild party. This is also how the latest collection by chief designer Michele presents herself. And just as the tried-and-tested party heats up every party in a mixtape or as a cute remake – the show has hit hits like “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat and “Fade to Gray” by Visage – so are Gucci’s latest revisited creations and continues to run. current appearance.

Collaboration with adidas Originals

The most important news in the latest Gucci collection is the collaboration with Adidas Originals. After the wonderful merger with Balenciaga last year and continuing Collaboration with The North Face The Gucci logo is now combined with the iconic 3 white stripes and trefoil logo.

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As with Balenciaga and The North Face, this is a good pairing. Adidas is a world famous brand with a cult character that people love to show themselves in. While Gucci’s iconic Balenciaga lettering fabric pattern has been removed from the “Piracy Project,” the Adidas logo is now implanted there.

Sports Covers & Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Other than that, Gucci’s new collection doesn’t bring much new – at least not in general. Aside from some new outfits like sporty hoods, hats with front and back visors or fingerless leather motorcycle gloves – as worn by VIP ASAP Guest Rocky – stay true to their ethos.

Sport meets glamorous rock in Gucci's latest collection.  Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

Sport meets glamorous rock in Gucci’s latest collection. Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

Moreover, the dresses look as if they were chosen from the old ensemble with oversized shoulders and trouser legs. There are many woolen fabrics, a lot of checks, but also thick corduroy. Baroque motifs and feather trim, as seen in previous collections, are omitted, and instead rivets, shiny solid rivets, and rivets adorn the leather in a charming rock style, as well as one of the faux-fur, lace and metallic lurex fabrics with glitter.

Gucci fall-winter 2022/23 collection.  Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

Gucci fall-winter 2022/23 collection. Image credit: Estrop/Getty Images

In all variations, men’s suits dominate men’s looks in general: the fact that Michele mostly sends men down the runway during Women’s Fashion Week is emblematic. In his view, classical gender thinking is probably outdated. Certainly, times are changing – this is most likely what the new logo and logo symbolize with the words “Gucci Metamorfosi”, which can be seen in some designs.

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To the critical observer, the repetition of the principle of cooperation may seem a bit flat. Whether Michel will gradually run out of juice for his seventh year as creative director for one of the world’s most sought-after brands will likely only be seen next season. Because right now, the orgasm after the last party is still too great. Namely: who decides which reality is decisive – in front of or behind the distorting mirror?


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