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Steam Deck was officially delivered yesterday, but some pre-orders still need to be patient. If you did not receive the email yesterday, you must wait at least March 7. New emails will be sent weekly from there.

As of July 2022, interested parties can pre-order Wolverine’s new handheld console Steam Deck, the device was finally officially launched yesterday. Email with order confirmation for those who pre-order should actually have arrived by 7pm, but for many customers this is not the case. So Valve has now issued a statement explaining how things will proceed for pre-orders.

Emails on a weekly basis

According to Wolverine, the first emails were actually sent by pre-order customers yesterday asking if they really wanted to buy a steam deck. So far, however, not all pre-orders scheduled for delivery in the first quarter have been notified. In contrast, emails were sent to only a fraction of those who pre-ordered.

On the other hand, the next round of notifications should be sent only on March 7 and then every week, although Valve prefers to proceed according to the pre-order time. Anyone who plans to deliver in the first quarter, if the pre-order is sent only shortly before the end of the available contingent, will probably not be notified by the end of March. The last date for related emails is March 28th.

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We will continue bookings for the second quarter from April. Pre-orderers should inform each other here on a weekly basis and ask if they would like to make a reservation for the steam deck. However, it is not yet clear how things will continue after the second quarter. According to Wolverine, news of how prepaid orders will continue from the 3rd quarter should be “soon”. The long-term need for steam deck in particular is likely to play a role here.

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