Home Tech Gran Turismo 7: How long is the campaign?

Gran Turismo 7: How long is the campaign?

Gran Turismo 7: How long is the campaign?

Unlike its predecessor Gran Turismo Sport, which focused on online multiplayer races, Gran Turismo 7 offers a more traditional single-player mode. The game revolves around the world map where you get access to a variety of activities and hubs where you can buy and upgrade new and used cars.

The GT Café is particularly distinguished. It is a classic campaign that unlocks challenges based on specific car brands and tracks. You will learn about the technical details behind the vehicle class and the history of these brands. The situation is based on menus like those in a real coffee shop. But how many of these challenges does “Gran Turismo 7” offer? How much time can you spend playing before you have to fill in the blanks?

Gran Turismo 7: How long is the campaign?

It takes approximately 30 hours to complete the GT Cafe mode and see the final credits. When you consider the number of licenses (up to S), the number of missions and the number of events left after completing the GT Café, you’ll get a good idea of ​​how powerful the single-player element is in Gran Turismo 7 – and how Polyphony Digital made sure to take into account all the feedback collected after the release of the “GT Sport” “.

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How many challenges are there in Gran Turismo 7?

If you play the GT Cafe mode and want to know how many challenges await you, then there is good news for you: there are many. There are 39 playable menus in Gran Turismo 7, with events and scenes that give you more details about car classes and manufacturers. Therefore, this mode is doubly recommended for PS fans.

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