Golf at the Ryder Cup: The ultimate test of nerves
Padraig Harrington on the Ryder Cup:

Padraig Harrington on the Ryder Cup: “The mood among the boys is great” (file photo).

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Team Europe will travel to Wisconsin as the defending champions from 2018 for a continental comparison – the US is betting on the ‘wild guys’.

Hamburg/Hafen. Padraig Harrington (50) drove to the club in a black limousine Golfanlage Whistling Strait in Haven, Wisconsin. It was already predicted by Steve Stricker (54). The Irishman had a valuable cargo with him, which he carefully took out of the car and showed to his American counterpart: Just look, do not touch.

victor’s shield Ryder Cup Team The captain of the European team would like to recover it on Sunday. At that moment, the largest and most exciting golf event in the world seemed to have already opened. On Thursday there will be the official opening ceremony, starting on Friday the teams from the United States and Europe will face each other on the stage (Sky Live).

Golf: Europe needs 14 points to defend its title

The continental comparison has been held since 1927, but until 1979 only with players from England and Ireland. The whole of Europe has competed against the Americans only since 1979. Since then, the sporting balance of power has changed – the significance of the event has benefited. Three years ago, sales in France amounted to 235.7 million euros. It is not possible to seriously predict how high the profit from trade, television money and advertising marketing will be.

Players receive none of this. The 24 highly paid professionals compete only for fun and honor. On Friday and Saturday they play first in four teams of two teams in four, then on Sunday all players in twelve singles. Match play, team against team, man against man. The ultimate nerve test. Europe needs 14 of 28 points to defend the title, 14.5 for the Americans to recover the golden statue.

Relaxing atmosphere in Ryder Cup

All this takes place in an atmosphere that does not exist on golf courses. Noisy fan groups for scarves, costumes and beer. Up to 40,000 fans are allowed, and the gigantic stands house the first starting point. The “USA and USA” calls will accompany every success of your players or mistakes of the Europeans. The atmosphere in the “American first mood” that still prevails for some can become nationalist.

On the other hand, nowhere in the sport is there such good cohesion for a European team. Spaniards cheer in English and Irish with Norwegians. ‘We feel’, ‘The Old Continent’ personifies the European unity in the Ryder Cup that politicians can only dream of.

“The mood between the boys is great”

“The atmosphere among the boys is great, the track and facilities are great,” Harrington said after the first impression. “We are so well prepared, we can hardly wait to get started.” The players have already won the cup.

Players like England’s Ian Poulter (45), who was brought into the team with a wildcard due to his Ryder Cup record of 14 wins from 22 games in seven cups, as well as Spaniard Sergio Garcia (41), know how to do it. He. She. “Ian inspires himself, his play partners, and the team,” says Harrington.

Many “young savages” in Team USA

In the US, on the other hand, there are many “young savages” on the team who caused quite a stir on the tour. However, doubts remain. Often, internal conflicts were decisive for defeat. This time around, it’s common knowledge that top players like Brooks Koepka (31) and Bryson DeChambeau (28) can’t stand each other. That would be fun. “We’re five years younger on average and have less experience, but that also has the advantage that my kids haven’t had any bad experiences yet,” says Stryker. There was a lot of that in the United States. Nine of the past twelve cups went to Europe. In the last event in Paris in 2018, the United States outperformed 10.5:17.5.

The “Miracle of the City” in 2012 was especially painful for Americans, when Europe sensationally absorbed 6:10 in the singles. Martin Kaymer (36) made a decisive point in the match against Stryker. His 18th win still continues in every featured Ryder Cup show.

Best Golfer in Germany as Vice Captain

Kaymer is “only” one of Harrington’s deputy captains this year. In terms of sports, he could not qualify. Germany’s best golfer said: “I would really like to be a player, but I feel very proud in this way. I am someone who talks to the boys more about personal and mental matters”, defines his role.

And Kaymer knows the place. In 2010 he won his first major title, the PGA Championship, at Whistling Straits. Course designer Pete Dye excavated 1,012 hideouts in the Lake Michigan shores landscape. It is a cycle reminiscent of the windswept bonding cycles of Scotland and Ireland. “I’m pretty confident we can get something back here,” Harrington said. Naturally, he thought of the gold cup he had to give up.

Updated: Wednesday, 22/09/2021, 5.30 am

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