Home entertainment Giovanni Zarella: “My mom always knows what I deserve” – ​​people

Giovanni Zarella: “My mom always knows what I deserve” – ​​people

Giovanni Zarella: “My mom always knows what I deserve” – ​​people

On Saturday, former Bro’Sis singer Giovanni Zarella (43) will present “The Giovanni Zarella Show” on ZDF for the first time.

The guest of honor this evening is his mother Clementina (63). He will greet her first, sitting in the front row.

Clementina Zarella 1978 with Little Giovanni

Clementina Zarella 1978 with Little GiovanniPhoto: private

Bild am Sonntag: With all your love… do you feel uncomfortable with your mother?

Giovanni Zarella: “Oh, you can’t imagine how mercilessly honest my mother can be. She sees me, looks straight at me and into my soul and knows what’s going on inside me. These are the magical skills a mother has. That’s why she’s the only one who can and is allowed to strip me out of my panties.” through its criticism.


Zarella: “Giovanni, beautiful broadcast on Saturday, you sang well. But the hair is different. Giovanni, your hair is very long. It looks unkempt, make it shorter again.”

Moms should be able to say something like that, right?

Zarella: “My mom can say anything. During my stay at Bro’Sis, I expected to be at home with a credit card statement and she gave me a lecture I had never seen before without lying. I paid several thousand euros for drinks at a club in Munich. Did you know Really how long should your father and I work in the pizzeria to do this, Giovanni? She said: Shame on you! That was a lesson for me. Since that day, I have paid so much attention to my money that I have not thrown it back out the window aimlessly. Washing my mother’s ear is Most damaged!”

Christmas 1988 with Sister Maria (Day 41)

Christmas 1988 with Sister Maria (Day 41)Photo: private

And did all of your wives have to pass on your mother, too?

Zarella: “Of course, very wild. My mother was always the first to know my new friends. And when I introduced her to Jana Ina 17 years ago—who had just come to Cologne from the great Rio de Janeiro—she said to me then: ‘Giovanni, such a great woman!’ Take it and do everything to make sure it stays with you! “

Does your mother know your contracts?

Zarella: “Absolutely. My mom always knows what I deserve and also tells me when she thinks I deserve more. Mama also gave me the last dash of courage to host this new ZDF show. But in my career, she’s always told me clearly when something isn’t right for me or I’m not I can do something. This is also motherly love. By the way, three or four years ago you told me for the first time that I am now a real man! A little before 40.”

Giovanni Zarella:

Photo: BUILD

What if ZDF’s brilliant show career doesn’t work out? Are you feeling pressured?

Zarella: “Of course I’m excited. I’m doing a live show in a legendary Saturday night broadcast slot on ZDF. But do you know what the pressure is? When you come to Germany from Italy at the end of the sixties at the age of eight, you have to live in a barracks because you don’t have the money, and you have to somehow Survive and build something for yourself.”

How was that at the time?

Giovanni with Clementina and Father Bruno (68) in kinship in Hechingen

Giovanni with Clementina and Father Bruno (68) in kinship in HechingenPhoto: private

Zarella: “My father was thirteen when he came to Germany as the son of a guest worker, he lived only one village further from my mother at the time. No one spoke a word of German. But they fell in love and at one point dared to open a restaurant together. Those years were tough, eight of them in a tiny one-room apartment! With such a great show and my fear of the stage, I really can’t complain. I’d be ashamed of myself!”

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