The beginning of summer and the celebration of Independence Day in the United States can be done without significant restrictions. To CNN This was stated by epidemiologist Anthony Fassi on Sunday. “Thanks to the distribution of vaccines, if we can significantly reduce the spread of the disease by July 4, I can not say more precisely what the measures will be, but I can say for sure that they are significantly milder,” he said.

At the same time, it does not rule out that people may slowly return to normal at the beginning of the summer holidays. Under certain conditions, they may also wear veils. But America is far from over. According to Fucci, as in the case of Italy, a much darker situation is at stake, which is currently subject to a sharp increase in cases.

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“They have opened restaurants and bars, especially young people who are relaxed in wearing veils, and now cases are increasing rapidly,” Fassi commented on the situation in Europe. In his opinion, the vaccine helps prevent this situation. However, at the same time, he considers it important not to break up too soon.

President Joe Biden Last week he called on state governors to allow all adults to be vaccinated by May 1st. Veterinarians, dentists or rescuers should be authorized to administer the vaccine.

Some states prefer Texas Or Mississippi However, they attempted a bold break last week. For example, the obligation to wear veils does not apply here, for example, the owners of companies also received the green light. The governors of the two states attributed their results to the positive epidemiological situation and the declining number of hospital admissions. Fucci considers their actions “Dangerous and Dangerous”.

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