A giraffe lying alive on a street in Kenya.

There is a major drought in Kenya with dire consequences. The photo was taken in Kenya on December 9, 2021.

Awesome pictures from Kenya are currently spreading all over the world: you can see countless carcasses of giraffes, camels and other animals. What is the cause of this brutal mass extinction?

Disturbing images: Countless carcasses of giraffes, buffaloes and other living creatures line the street. Desperate herders burn the remains of their camels in an attempt to stop a mass extinction. But what is the reason for these terrible images and extreme situation?

Kenya, a country in Africa, is currently experiencing a severe drought. Rivers dry up, plants wither, and water is incredibly scarce. According to the American newspaper “Washington Post” It hasn’t rained in some northern parts of Kenya in over a year. This has dire consequences.

Kenya: The rain did not come as hoped

More than 2.5 million people are already suffering from dehydration and the associated food shortages. The situation is unpredictable, but animals are the most affected.

Kenya usually has two rainy seasons a year: a large season from March to May and a smaller season from October to December. These rainy seasons are essential for the survival of animals and people in Kenya. However, there has actually been little or no rain in the past two seasons, which now runs along the curve.

Drought in Kenya is a national disaster

Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, declared that the current situation in ten countries is a national disaster linked to drought. To control drought, for example, wells are filled with plastic containers so that water can be better collected.

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“If they (the animals) die, we all die,” shepherd Youssef Abdullah told the Washington Post. Watch 40 of his goats die. Only the hope of rain will allow people to continue the fight – but how it will turn out remains unclear. (say)


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