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Title: Atlanta Fed Forecasts 2.3% Fourth-Quarter GDP Growth, Raises Questions on Real Disposable Income

Date: October 28, 2023

In a recent update, Pat Higgins, an economist at the Atlanta Federal Reserve, released his initial forecast for fourth-quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the United States. According to his report, the GDPNow model estimate suggests a growth rate of 2.3 percent for the final quarter of 2023. The forecast, updated on October 27, offers insights into the potential direction of the country’s economy.

Just a day before the Atlanta Fed’s forecast, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis also published its preliminary estimate for the third-quarter GDP growth. The report indicated a robust expansion of 4.9 percent, highlighting a significant uptick in economic activity during that period.

The credibility of the Atlanta Fed’s forecast gains traction when considering its past track record. It has consistently outperformed other forecasts, such as the Blue Chip and the Econoday consensus, accurately predicting economic outcomes. Analysts keen on gauging the nation’s future economic prospects keep a close eye on this model.

However, despite the positive third-quarter GDP growth, there are concerns on the decrease in real disposable income, which has declined by 1.0 percent. This drop is noteworthy, given the simultaneous increase in GDP. Several articles, “Blowout 4.9 Percent Increase in GDP But Real Disposable Income Declines 1.0 Percent” and “Real Disposable Personal Income Drops for the Third Month But Spending Jumps,” delve into the factors influencing the decrease in disposable income despite a surge in spending.

These articles shed light on compelling points regarding the divergence of disposable income and GDP growth figures. By exploring these topics, readers can gain invaluable insight into the potential drivers of such economic phenomena.

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As the fourth quarter progresses, economists, business leaders, and consumers eagerly await the final tally for GDP growth. Pat Higgins’ initial forecast of 2.3 percent sets the stage for further analysis and discussions surrounding the future trajectory of the US economy. It remains to be seen whether the Atlanta Fed’s forecast will once again prove to be more accurate than other key economic predictions.

For more information on the third-quarter GDP growth and the conundrum surrounding disposable income, interested readers are encouraged to explore the comprehensive articles on Bio Prep Watch. These resources aim to provide nuanced perspectives on vital economic metrics, contributing to a deeper understanding of the current economic landscape.

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