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For the head: the 11 smartest dog breeds

For the head: the 11 smartest dog breeds
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His intelligence plays an important role in choosing the right dog. Tests are used to determine how smart a fur nose is. You can find out which strains do well here.

Malinois sits at the soldier's legs.
1/11The Malinois, also known as the Belgian Sheepdog, is the smartest dog breed in the world, according to a December 2022 study. This intelligent breed is often used as a police or protection dog. The Malinois proved its independence during various tests: next to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Shepherd was the most likely not to turn to its owner when faced with an unsolvable task. © TT / Imago
Border Collie with a CD in his mouth.
2/11The sensitive Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. For a long time it was even considered the smartest breed of all. Because of his intelligence, he is a dog destined for dog sports such as agility or obedience. His “will to please” (will to please his people) ensures that the Border Collie thrives when he is allowed to solve tasks with his owner. The Border Collie, which was mostly used as a sheepdog, is now a popular family dog. © Westend61 / Imago
Photo of a poodle standing on a bench in the Cleedon Hills on a sunny day.
3/11Poodles are not only popular family dogs, but they are also distinguished by their exceptional intelligence and above-average ability to learn. A pedigree dog from France is often used as a rescue dog, corpse sniffer dog, or guide dog for the blind. Because of their special sensitivity, poodles are also ideal as a therapy dog. © Design Pics Editorial / Imago
A police officer with a police dog on a leash.
4/11As its name suggests, the German Shepherd originally had the function of a herding dog. Nowadays, the police, the army and customs authorities in particular benefit from his high level of intelligence: with his ability to learn and a clear obedience and obedience, this loyal sheepdog has the perfect stuff to be a service dog. Not only does he have a balanced temperament, but he is also known for his vigilance, strong nerves, and self-confidence. © Design Pics / Imago
People pet a dog in a group therapy session.
5/11It is not without reason that we often see the famous golden retriever as a guide dog for the blind or a companion dog for the deaf. This patient, calm, and alert dog is also particularly suitable as a rescue dog. Adorable Goldies are happy to bring their amazing intelligence paired with their kind natures into their family. © Science Picture Library / Imago
Portrait of a Doberman Pinscher.
6/11Despite its reputation as an aggressive dog, the Doberman Pinscher convinces with intelligence, alertness, and courage. As a service dog for the police or military, he can make use of his talents. In breeding, the focus of personality today is calm and friendly. With his obedient, tenacious and alert nature, he also convinces dog experts as a loyal companion. Good and patient upbringing also tickles the family dog ​​out of a Doberman. © Zoonar / Imago
Shetland sheepdog standing on a rock.
7/11Also known as the Sheltie, the Shetland Sheepdog is known for its intelligence, good nature, and willingness to learn. Its type is dominated by a “will to please,” quick wit, and love of learning, with the Shetland Sheepdog using these skills as a herding dog, companion dog, rescue dog, or therapy dog. The Sheltie is often described as being particularly sensitive. For example, he is able to recognize the moods of his family and is always keen to improve them if necessary. © imagebroker / Imago
Labrador Retriever: Several dogs are sitting in the meadow.
8/11As one of the most popular dog breeds in this country, the Labrador Retriever is distinguished by its intelligence and good nature. He strives to please his owners and is often used as a sniffing dog, rescue dog, or guide dog. Thanks to his attentive and willing to learn character, always characterized by friendliness, he performs these tasks very conscientiously. © imagebroker / Imago
A purebred Rottweiler dog jumps over an obstacle during an agility training session.
9/11Intelligent, tenacious and fearless: that’s how the Rottweiler is known. The police and the army also appreciate him for these qualities. An obedient parent dog can independently assess situations and achieve results with a strong and attentive personality. Its strong protective instinct has earned it list dog status in some states. However, he is considered affectionate and fond of children. The Rottweiler is only recommended for canine experts with many years of experience. © YAY Images / Imago
Portrait of an Australian Cattle Dog standing in a flower meadow.
10/11The intelligent Australian Cattle Dog loves to learn: he likes to acquire a variety of tricks and skills. As a command and guard dog, he is not shy about taking on physically superior bulls. With constant training and good guidance from an experienced dog owner, the Australian Cattle Dog becomes a loyal companion. © imagebroker / Imago
An adorable Canaanite dog wearing a yellow harness is lying on the seashore.
11/11The Canaan dog is also called an Israelelspitz, and it is a very rare breed of dog. It does not have much in common with the other breeds listed, aside from its high level of intelligence: it is considered possessive and loves its independence. The desire to impose something on him – this does not suit the reactive Canaan Dog. If you’re looking for a stuffed animal, you should look elsewhere. An independent dog still decides for itself whether it is allowed to be petted and who is allowed to be petted. Canaan dogs are only suitable for experienced owners. However, once integrated into the family, he proves to be affectionate, loyal, and protective. © Wirestock / Imago

In addition to the eleven most clumsy dog ​​breeds, there are also dogs that – from a purely scientific point of view – are considered particularly intelligent. They enjoy learning and to be happy they need not only physical exercise but also mental exercise.

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A dog’s intelligence may be a personal decision for many loving owners. Some see sensitivity as an expression of intelligence, while others see quick learning as a sign of intelligence. Each dog is unique, and the absence of a breed from our gallery does not mean that representatives of this breed cannot be very smart.

Dogs can talk, but only to those who can hear.

How do you measure intelligence in dogs?

But how do you determine how smart a dog is on a scientific level – or not. Well-known dog psychiatrist, Dr. In his book The Intelligence of Dogs, Stanley Coren described various criteria for intelligence research in dogs. He identified the following three aspects as the most important:

1. Instinctive Intelligence: This is where a dog is designed to perform the tasks that are in its genes and for which it was bred, such as herding flocks.

2. Obedience and working intelligence: This is where scientists study how dogs understand and perform tasks that humans study.

3. Problem Solving and Adaptability: This area is about how independent the dog can think and solve problems on their own.


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