Home Top News Football EM 2021: Robert Lewandowski catches Poland against Spain

Football EM 2021: Robert Lewandowski catches Poland against Spain

Football EM 2021: Robert Lewandowski catches Poland against Spain

Poland can still hope to reach the 16th round of the European Football Championship. The team around world footballer Robert Lewandowski split 1: 1 (0: 1) from Spain in the second group match. Alvaro Morata scored for the hosts (26th minute), Lewandowski equalized (54th). Spaniard Gerard Moreno missed a penalty (59.)

Failing that, Poland would not have had a chance to reach the last 16 of the last group stage. However, there are now two finals in Group E (June 23, 6 p.m.). Team winners Sweden (4 points), Spain (2) with a win over Slovakia (3) will definitely give Poland a chance in the 16th round.

Spain approached the game in a similar way to the opening game against Sweden. However, to avoid another 0-0, coach Luis Enrique set up Gerard Moreno from the start. Villarreal is the second highest scorer in the Spanish league last season. However, he couldn’t see much from the 29-year-old at the start of the game. Spain had more of the ball so there was control of the game, but dangerous degrees were missing again.

However, 26 minutes later, Gerard Moreno’s approval paid off: the Spaniard pulled on the edge of the box and hit the target. Alvaro Morata ran into the alley and headed the ball towards the goal (26). He then happily ran to coach Enrique, who caught up with him after the 0-0 opener defied criticism.

Lewandowski compensates

Poland conceded most of their own penalty area, but had great chances to equalize at the end of half time. After a cross from Lewandowski and Caroline, Wiedersky did not put the ball towards the goal from a few meters (35.). Shortly before the break, Wiedersky attacked the post, which Lewandowski reproduced, but was shot by goalkeeper Uni Simon (43.).

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It worked best after the break: Kamil Juviac entered the penalty area, and Lewandowski won 1-1 (54th) against defender Aymerich Laport.

Spain could soon forget about the equation. According to TV footage, Italian referee Daniel Orzado was fined because Jacob Motor hit Gerrard in the leg. Foul, who converted ten penalty kicks in the league season, kicked himself, but the ball bounced off the post (59th). Morata put the edge next to the goal.

Spain controlled the game for a long time and sometimes held more than 75 percent of the possessions. In the final stages, Morata had a better chance again, but lost to goalkeeper Wojciech Szcosny (84th) in the six-yard area. So it stayed with a dive.


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