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STOCKHOLM – Stanislav Itek, president of Czech Figure Skating, has praised the performance of young Czech delegates in the categories of sports pairs and dance pairs at the World Championships. Instead, he found reserves from siblings Michael and Eliska Pesinova, who represented individuals. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He also did not find clear information from the International Federation of ISU representatives.

He considers it a victory that Chekhov was able to occupy all types. “They were able to meet the entry limits and it is a pity that the other man did not qualify,” he told an online news conference. “We advanced to the finals in three categories. According to many, the dance couple Natalie and Philip Dashler should have been there too, but it’s in the dances. But they definitely have a future,” he said.

He liked the way sports duos Jelizavetta Sukova and Martin Pitas performed during their joint debut. “She’s got it clear. They have a future. She has a downfall there though. They proved in practice that they can handle those elements. Martin has a lot of experience, but for her it’s the first race of the character. A determined woman, very good and working,” He praised them.

Although Pesinova landed on free rides, she did not perform well there. “He has to do a lot of work in this position. The technical components are not a problem. He jumps flip, loots, tulip, salso. But putting it together is different,” Jew said in his address.

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An unpleasant surprise was the nineteenth place of Michael Pesina, marked by a sharp fall at the start of its free ride. “I was personally worried that this would continue,” Itech said. The nearly 31-year-old Czech figure was successful in skater training. He also jumped a square salcho, during which time he fell twice in the race. “I feel like the non-race guy has a great identity for him, and then the coach was incredibly dialed in,” the federal leader said. Due to corona virus restrictions, Pesina did not come to any races before the World Cup, and his last start was the European Championship last year.

Despite the defeat, Pesina was the only one to qualify for the Olympics, regardless of the description used. In particular, the United States and China are pushing for an explanation that does not confirm the other two locations for Chekhov. It is not clear how it will end. “We met the ISU secretary and he said, ‘This is very complicated and we are going to release it on April 11.’ He does not want to talk about which version to use, this is the first time there is a qualifying competition and the rules are not clear, “said IDEC.

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