Construction of the Nortstream 2 gas pipeline, which will carry gas from Russia to Germany along the Baltic Sea Base, will certainly be completed this year.

Viktor Subkov, chairman of the board of directors of the Russian company Gosprom, told the newspaper today. The plan, led by President Joe Biden and former Donald Trump, seeks to thwart the US government.

“Keep up the good work and finish the rest in a little while.” ekl Zubkov. “They will definitely be completed this year, of course.” He added. According to him, the gas pipeline connection is 90 and 92 percent complete.

The Nortstream 2 meters to double the transmission capacity of the existing Nordstream gas pipeline to 110 billion cubic meters. The plan is further politicized this year in connection with the imprisonment of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalnho.

Construction of the gas pipeline was completed in December 2019, when work was halted by the Tsarist company Alcis. The man, who specializes in laying pipes, was forced to quit his job by the first threat of sanctions from Washington. Last December, North Stream 2AG resumed construction, and construction continues today.

According to Reuters, the German reinsurance company Munich Rae also withdrew from the North Stream 2 project due to sanctions. The US government is threatening sanctions against European companies participating in the project. The United States says Europe is still dependent on Russian power. However, according to analysts, US efforts to block construction are also to blame for US efforts to enter the European natural gas market.

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The North Stream 2 project is led by the Russian gas company Gosprom, with the key word stt. Funding was provided by the German companies Unifor and Windsor, and by the British-Dutch company Shell, according to the Austrian OMV and the French engine.


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