Fifth draw for SSV in a row

they braided it
Fifth straight draw: On Saturday afternoon, regional league players SSV Jeddeloh and SV Werder Bremen shared the points 1:1 (0:1). Against the table leader, the Ammerlanders celebrated a late point win.

In the first half, 490 spectators witnessed a lively match. His argument started well and he had his first chance through Max Walldorf (4th minute). Werder gradually found his way into the game and seized the first opportunity. A cross was offered to the six-yard box, the approval was not appropriate and Oscar Schönfelder scored 0:1 (21).

Both teams stuck to their attacking tendencies. Kifuta had the best chance to equalize with his header. The SSV striker managed to get Engel’s winger independently but not on goal (28). On the other hand, Abdnigo Nanakshi headed over the gate at close range (32). But for the Emeralds, Fred McMensa (39th), Miguel Fernandez (41st) and Kivota (45th) missed the equalizer before the break.

Also in the second round, it was rarely seen that the leader of the table was at the bottom of the table. Jadlühr tried hard and also got chances through Almir Ziga (49) and McMinsa (51, 53).

With the season over, Ammerländer has increased the stakes. So the guests also had good chances to score. Marcel Bergmann saved twice against Nankichi (66) and against Justin Ngenma (75) against SSV. With their backs to the wall, Gadlohr’s bravery was later rewarded. In the second minute of stoppage time, Almir Ziga scored the equalizer.

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