Home Top News Federal Election 2021: Mason loses – Olympic champion CDU snatches direct mandate from politicians

Federal Election 2021: Mason loses – Olympic champion CDU snatches direct mandate from politicians

Federal Election 2021: Mason loses – Olympic champion CDU snatches direct mandate from politicians
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Hans-George Massen (CDU) cannot win a direct mandate in 196 constituencies in the 2021 federal election. SPD politician Carl Lauterbach celebrates on Twitter.

Updated Monday, 09/27/2021, 6pm: After counting all 418 constituencies in constituency 196, Hans-George Massen (CDU) is far behind SPD candidate Frank Ulrich. Massen missed entering the 20th Bundestack because he was not on the state list.

  • Frank Ulrich, SPD: 33.6 percent of the vote
  • Hans-George Massen, CDU: 22.3 percent of the vote

+++ 22.51 pm: Hans-George Massen (CDU), the former head of the Federal Office for the Defense of the Constitution, is counting behind almost all constituencies in the South Thuringian constituency in the 2021 federal election after SPD candidate and biathlon Olympic champion Frank Ulrich. In 196. After counting 415 out of a total of 418 constituencies, Ulrich received 33.6 percent of the vote. At the time, Massen was in close competition with AfD’s candidate Jர்கrgen Trudeau for second place: Massen with 22.4 percent and Trudeau with 21.2 percent.

Hans-George Massen (CDU) suffered a significant defeat in the 2021 federal election.

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SPD health expert Carl Lauterbach was delighted with Ulrich’s almost certain entry into the Bundestag. “There will be a lot to celebrate today,” he wrote on Twitter. Mason’s “possible failure” is one of them. “We have not forgotten the atrocities of national socialism and are fighting for all new beginnings.”

There were also happy voices from Mason’s own party. “That Hans-George #Massen probably won’t go on the bandwagon, but SPD candidate, I’m so glad I did!” Lord Mayer tweeted to Anderneumann (CDU) of the Thuringian city of Aldenberg. According to media reports, Massen is said to have commented on the results with the words “this is a big failure”.

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Federal Election 2021: Hans-George Massen threatens rumors in the constituency

Sunday, September 26, 2021, 7.43 p.m. In 1966, in the South Thuringian constituency, CDU candidate Hans-George Mason had signs of defeat. With 23.3 percent (17,296 votes), the former head of the Office of Constitutional Defense is third behind AfD and SPD.

Social Democrat candidate Frank Ulrich is in first place with 31.1 percent (23,097) of the vote – so he will go to the Bundestack (all data: 7:35 p.m.). Results may change in the evening as not all votes are counted.

Fierce competition in the federal election in 2021: Masen (CDU) in the Bundestack?

First Report Sunday, September 26, 2021: Berlin / Zuhl – Germany votes. Citizens’ votes are being counted, and predictions and predictions are already available. The main faces of the parties in the 2021 federal election should be shaken: the CDU direct candidate in South Thuringia, including Hans-George Massen, the controversial former leader of constitutional defense.

Occurs in 196 in the Massen Thuringian constituency (Suhl – Schmmelden – Mainingen – Hildberg – Sonnberg). He has to beat this to go to the Bundestack. A challenge, because the Mayan biathlon legend is competing against Frank Ulrich. He is running for SPD. If he loses the fight against him, Massen will not include it in the German parliament.

A close match between Massen and Ulrich is expected. Individual voices from the Union and the Green Party suggested voting for the SPD candidate.

Federal Election 2021: Mason’s candidacy (CDU) causes outrage

In federal politics, Hans-George Mason’s candidacy has long been the subject of heated debate. “I expect Armin Laschett to finally distance himself from Mason, and the CDU will resolutely oppose switching to the right in its own ranks. This would not have happened under Angela Merkel on CDU,” said Lars Klingbail, general secretary of the German press.

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Klingbail cited a letter from Mason, in which the former head of the Federal Office for the Defense of the Constitution wrote: “I know some people are flirting with the AfD. But she will probably be in opposition. Due to her loneliness. Masen said he had lost the vote for the AfD and would only “help left parties if in doubt”. Klingbail said Masen is campaigning for right-wing voices with the promise that you will get AfD content from him. “It exposes his right-wing positions, but a bad offer.”

CDU in 2021 federal election: “Mason has nothing to do with South Thuringia”

Not only in the Republic, but also in southern Thuringia, Massen divides voters: inside. “Giving us something like this is imposed on the CDU – and we have a very conservative CDU. Mason has nothing to do with South Thuringia,” a local woman visited the DPA. There is no longer any question of suspicion.

“At least someone can find clear words,” he praised someone in his mid-forties. When asked what he thinks about the migration of skilled workers abroad, the former constitutional defense official said: “I think 82 million people can create the skilled workers we need.” SPD man Ulrich responded, “Zuhl lost 30,000 people. This is a shrinking city. (DVD / DPA)


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