The start of the new year was very difficult. In the ninth home game of the season, FC lost their feathers for the first time at St. Paul’s Miller, but managed to draw 2-2 (1-1) against Erskberg Aue, thanks to two first-minute equalizers in the last minute. . After all, the second half revealed the need to rediscover the playful simplicity of the first half of the season.

The hosts, who expected Christopher Buickman to replace Daniel-Kofi Kyre in the top ten, started with repressive dominance, sometimes getting the first big thing through Jackson Irwin without letting Aue come out for a few minutes. . But the Australian hesitated in front of keeper Menell for so long that Jolinsky was able to slip the ball off his foot (14 ‘).

Jolinsky leads Aue

Solinsky, who was nominally a striker, brought his first ability into the guests’ first attack three minutes later. On the right side, where Owusu defended himself against Ziereis, came the marble center, where Zolinski rushed to Olsen and Vasilj did not give a chance from a few meters. 0: 1 (17th) was nowhere to be found and temporarily dampened the mood of 1724 fans, otherwise creating an excellent atmosphere with a full smorgasbord of St. Polly songs.

The team was seen for a short time, allowing for many simple mistakes and omissions. Even with more than 70 percent of the ball consistently, a standard does not bring anything for long until a well-deserved balance is started. Jacob Medic, standing in the second post, dropped a free-kick into the net (30 ‘) by Eric Smith.

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St. Polly fought and wanted to raise it. But the injury took time for the next top players. Guido Burkstoller’s great setback in the men’s (45 ‘+ 1’) was initially thwarted by Irwin’s header, after which the goalkeeper, who had become the crowd’s bogeyman for a long time, caught a 22-meter shot from Hartell. Of the corner (45 ‘+ 3’). ).

St. Paul with many mistakes after the break

The home side came out of the dressing room energetically, reappearing in front of Irwin Mennell, but pushing the ball into his hands (47th). But then the inadequacies began to pile up again – it was only a centimeter from the next blow to the neck: suddenly Ovus was empty in front of Vasiljin, firing and missing the target at a hair’s breadth distance (58th).

Nevertheless, in the game of kiskiker it is now gone, and many unwanted dropouts brought guests into the game better and better. “In the second half we lost a little bit of alignment and made a lot of mistakes,” said Captain Jeris. “We did not play as planned, engaged in a lot of counter-attacks and allowed Aue exactly what he wanted.”

So that sounded again. Solinsky was allowed to cross without interruption, while Hochsheid hit a crossbar from five yards out and Trojik put the rebound into the net with a score of 1-2 (72 ‘). An impact struck. St. Paul’s attack in the episode was wild, but not intentional, no chances. “The team is getting more and more impatient,” coach Timo Schultz said, “but they really wanted it, invested everything.” Then they were rewarded.

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Amenito saved a point for St. Bali

Lucas Dashner’s delivery exceeded the target (90 ‘), but three minutes later there was great fanfare. Etienne Amenyido caught himself against several Auer in the right corner of the penalty area and flew the ball sensitively into the far corner to equalize, but that should not have been the end of the play. First Aue hit the Bulls Eye again (George), but from a clear offside position (90 + 4). Igor Madonovic scored the final goal of the game, but his hammer flew over the crossbar (90 + 5).

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And the moral of the story, especially in relation to the Cup crackdown against Dortmund on Tuesday and the derby on HSV? “We can play better anyway,” Jeris said. “These are the two best games in front of us.”


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