Column by Fatih Demireli: Turkish football “Imperator” is back – stronger than ever

Fatih Tarim was as good as it was at Galatasaray, but now the 67-year-old “Imperator” is back equipped with more power than ever. Before the Champions League duels against Mario Gotze PS in Eindhoven, Terim was awarded a grand standings of the Turkish record champions.

So there it was again. With a happy smile, Fatih Tarim walked towards the Job Drual Training Ground. The Galatasaray professionals have been doing some stretching for some time and now they are lined up to welcome Terim.

Terem greeted each player individually, few newcomers got congratulations, only Ryan Babel got an extra hug. The Dutch attacking player and the Turkish coach get on well with each other. Then Terim spoke a few short words and handed over the warm-up program to his assistants.

The relatively unsurprising meeting between coach and player can be followed live on TV. Sports channels have cut short their current program, and there have been countless breaking news stories on social media. Terim is back.

Fatih Terim near Galatasaray is a long-lived legend

A few days ago, it was not clear that Terim would still be coach of the club as he had long been a living legend.

Tarim was in a permanent clinic with former president Mustafa Cengiz, with whom he argued through the media. A few moments after the final whistle of last season – Galatasaray lost the championship by two goals difference – Terim got up in front of the cameras and smashed into the board.

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“I will not stretch with Terim,” said former president Mustafa Cengiz, this leather back. It was mid-May, but Galatasaray didn’t vote until mid-June. For the ambitious club, which will play their first competitive game on July 21, it is a deadly void.

Galatasaray no longer has a board of directors, no coach, and no infrastructure. But five presidential candidates, but not all of them wanted to work with Tarim. If Esref Hamamcioglu had received 40 additional votes on June 19, Hamamcioglu would have been the new president and Terim would not be the coach. In the end, Burak Elmas, who is closely related to Terim and reported to Terim as an election promise, won.

Appointment in Galatasaray stronger than ever

Elmas himself also announced the day after the elections that Terim would come to Istanbul on the same day to start work. Elmas and Trim know each other from previous times together.

Elmas was a member of the board of directors when Galatasaray won the 2000 UEFA Cup under Terim. Elmas’s father-in-law Faruk Sorin was the club’s president at the time. The relationship between Soren and Trim also went cold for a while, but Elmas and Trim have always kept in touch. Trust in Terim is so great that Elmas transferred all the responsibilities on the football field to Terim.

“There will be no football administration. Our coach and I communicate directly.” And they decide together. Terem, who was facing the end of Galatasaray a few weeks ago, is now stronger than ever.

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Terim decides the personnel policy, in the direction, in everything related to professional football in Galatasaray. However, 67-year-old Terim has no plans to spend forever in the bunker. Most likely it will be my last three years as an active coach for Terim.

Terim’s Biggest Mission: Shrinking Galatasaray Mountain Dion

After that he is likely to give up his place and take on administrative tasks. There is also speculation that Terim will eventually run for president. Meets club requirements. But the whole thing is still far off, his contract has been extended until 2023.

The task until then is to heal Galatasaray. Like all other top clubs in Turkey, the club is heavily indebted. The debt mountain amounts to more than 216 million euros.

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The biggest debt trap is the football department, where players like Radamel Falcao (up to six million euros), Sofiane Feghouli (up to four million euros) or Babel (up to 3.5 million euros) have contracts that the club cannot actually own. longer paid.

Galatasaray is looking for buyers, but especially in times of epidemics, players cannot find any clubs that pay nearly similar amounts. Therefore, they prefer to stay with Galatasaray and Istanbul. “We talked to the players,” said President Elmas. But without result. “With these players, it’s not about the quality, it’s about the financial burden,” says coach Terem.

Galatasaray vs Gutsis Eindhoven in the UEFA Champions League Qualifiers

Galatasaray has to get rid of Falcao & Co. to build a new, smaller and cheaper team. The renovation began in the pre-season winter, but was halted due to financial hurdles. He has stopped so much that Galatasaray currently has to dispense with a real left-back or even a capable six in the perfect team.

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Especially fatal in the duels with PSV Eindhoven for coach Roger Schmidt and Mario Gotze in the second qualifying round of the Champions League. Galatasaray wants to get into the Champions League in order to monetize there, but he doesn’t have the means to put together a team to be competitive.

However, Terim reassures: “We came to Eindhoven with 23 professionals. Everyone deserves a lot of respect. I also ask the fans to show more respect to my players who are here.” And another hug to Babel & Co.

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