BVB-Sportdirektor Michael Zorc berichtet positiv von Spielerberater Mino Raiola.

Even when it comes to Sturmjuwel’s future Erling Haaland, BVB Sports Director Michael Zorc has to deal with his player advisor. That is none other than Mino Raiola, who is not always viewed positively, whose clients include Haaland as well as other notable players such as Paul Pogba of Manchester United or European goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma of Paris Saint-Germain. Zorc defends player agent in WDR2– “Simply Football” podcast now: “I have to break the shaft for this Mino Raiola“The BVB creator said and added.”The conversations I had with him and the things we did were very professional.


Zorc was particularly impressed by the direct and honest communication with the advisor. “You know what you’re gettingThe 58-year-old explained, “You don’t have to think now when you enter the conversation, Mother Teresa is there too. But if you know that, you can adapt to it well and then it’s a lot more about reliability.” Plus, it’s important to show the player’s views. , so Zorc.” But if you think, you’ll eventually get the money for free, you’re in the wrong movie.”

During talks with Erling Haaland, Raiola and father Alf Inge had an assistant at his side, according to Zorc, who will be replaced by current coach Sebastian Kehl starting next season. This is why Kehl is “present in every important conversation” and “slowly deals with tasks.”

Zorc aims for the Champions League

The tasks are ambitious. Because BVB is looking for. “That shouldn’t sound arrogant now, but we see ourselves as a Champions League club, which should give their business card the best they can be out there.‘, Zorc gave way. For BVB, it should be next Friday in The Bundesliga match against TSG Hoffenheim (8.30 pm /daznDefiant reaction to the first league bankruptcy against SC Freiburg (1:2). After a successful start in the first round of the DFB Cup against Wien Wiesbaden (3:0) and 5:2 at the start of the league against Eintracht Frankfurt, the last two were in the Super Cup against Bayern Munich (1:3) and against Freiburg Mute.

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