Fallout 76 - Rule of Steel: New video featuring legendary items

Next week, the next big update for the online role-playing game “Fallout 76” will be released with “Rule of Steel”. One of the parts is the production of legendary items, which are discussed in more detail in the current video.

Next week, the online role-playing game “Fallout 76” will receive a new large-scale content update under the name “Steely Rule”, which will bring many new features with it.

This includes the ability to craft your own legendary items. How the new feature works in practice was revealed in a newly posted video made available by the developers at Bethesda Game Studios shortly before “Rule of Steel” was released. By turning ordinary items into legendary items, item attributes can be recycled and augmented.

Legendary cores as the most important resource

In order to be able to produce legendary items, as well as legendary units, you need the new resource Legendary Cores, which in “Fallout 76” was paved with “Rule of Steel”. Legendary cores are earned by completing seasonal and general events, as well as daily operations.

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With legendary cores and units in your luggage, you visit the workbenches of weapons and armor, where you open the mod menu and start crafting. You can even upgrade electrical armor pieces by visiting the electrical armor station. With a few exceptions, most of the legendary attributes available in can also be used in Armor of Power,” the official description continues.

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All additional details about the crafting of Legendary items and associated attributes can be found at Official Website.

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