Pope Francis in a hospital for intestinal surgery - Politics

Head of the Catholic Church in the clinic!

Pope Francis, 84, was admitted to a hospital in Rome for a planned bowel operation.

As the Vatican announced on Sunday afternoon, the Pope is in the polyclinic “Agostino Gimelli”. Accordingly, it is an operation on the colon.

Doctors led by Professor Sergio Alfieri wanted to perform the operation on Sunday. The Vatican announced that it will release more information after the treatment.

According to the Vatican, Francis suffers from intestinal disease. This leads to the formation of bumps in the intestinal wall, which can become inflamed.

Doctors talk about diverticulitis in this case. It can sometimes cause pain or fever to the patient. The disease is common in the elderly.

Just three hours earlier, Francis cheerfully greeted the audience at the traditional Angelus Prayer in St Peter’s Square and said he would travel to Hungary and Slovakia in September.

A week ago, Francis used the same traditional look to ask the audience a special prayer for the Pope. Was that a reference to the planned operation?

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