Europe's heat wave heads west: Next holiday destination now threatened with over 40°C

Greek firefighters try to put out the flames

© Michael Varaklas / dpa / AP / picture alliance

The heat wave continues to lock up some countries hard. It causes major problems in Southeast Europe. Now temperatures could continue to rise elsewhere

MUNICH – While the weather in Germany has caused torrential rain and flooding in the past few days and weeks, it has caused an entirely different problem for southeastern European countries. Because of the high temperatures, fires have broken out in many places and so far people in the Balkans, Greece and Turkey are not only struggling with forest fires, but also with drought and heat-related circulatory problems.

Greece and Turkey in particular were particularly hard hit, and all the fires called on the Athenians to stay indoors and close their windows so they wouldn’t be exposed to smoke. This weather is caused, among other things, by hot winds from the south, and Scirocco is called. This carries with it the desert heat across the Mediterranean and then hits the affected countries.

The temperature can be recorded. The weather has also become more extreme in other places

Especially at the beginning of the holiday in Bavaria, when many vacationers head south, one hears negative news from popular holiday destinations. But it now appears that the heat wave will continue to make its way across Europe. Hot weather can now spread west and hit Spain and Portugal. Here too, temperatures of over 48 degrees will be possible, which will break the record that was measured in Athens in 1977. Spain and Portugal have already suffered sweltering heat and fires near Barcelona in the past few weeks and southern Italy has not spared either.

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The scorching heat in the south. floods in the north

It is still not clear if the heat will penetrate north and thus also reach Germany. It is initially expected that the cold winds from the north could bring at least a short respite to the heat-stricken countries. Southern Germany is expecting rain and thunderstorms again, at least at the end of next week, the weather service “Kachelmannwetter” announced on its Twitter page. The long-awaited summer is still a bit long ahead.


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