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NASA’s rover perseveres with first drilling on Mars – without success

The rover first dug into Mars to take soil samples – but the tube remained empty. “The first images and data show a successful borehole, but no sample in the tube – something we haven’t seen before in tests on Earth,” NASA said on Friday. “Mars still surprises us.”

the Trying to dig in a dry lake Called the Jezero Crater, it must now be carefully examined before further digging attempts begin. The rover has a total of 43 samples of titanium tubes on board. “Even if this isn’t the ‘hole-in-one’ we were hoping for, there’s always danger when you’re dealing with new things,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Administrator. I am convinced that we are the right team and we will continue to work towards a solution that will work. “The rock sample must one day be sent back to Earth – exactly when and how it is planned.

Perseverance landed on Mars at the end of February with a risky maneuver. The approximately $2.5 billion (about 2.2 billion euros) rover took eight years to develop and build. It is supposed to search for traces of past microbial life on Mars and investigate the planet’s climate and geology.

He also brought with him a small helicopter to Mars, which took off for the first time in mid-April, making it the first aircraft to fly on another planet. dexterity (German: dexterity), whose mission originally spanned about 30 days It just completed its eleventh flightAs announced by NASA – for about 130 seconds and a distance of 380 meters.

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