Referees make a statement about the green expulsion against the Grizzlies

Draymond Green fouled 2 in match 1 against the Memphis Grizzlies, ending the match early for the Warriors star. After the match, the referees gave their official explanation, and Steve Kerr also commented on the scene.

The scene happened shortly before the end of the first half. Green was initially evaluated as an ordinary foul when Brandon Clark pulled the Grizzlies’ man to the floor by the shirt. However, on repetition, the referees realized that the attacker, when trying to take the ball out of the opponent’s hand, also hit his face. The referees called Stark 2 and the huge guy was fired.

Green could not understand the decision and made a grand offer of his passing. After the match, referee Ken Fitzgerald provided a rationale for the referee team’s decision: “Public contact was deemed unnecessary and excessive, resulting in a flagrant foul and an expulsion,” Fitzgerald said.

The verdict went into more detail: “Well, there are two things,” Fitzgerald said. “The first part was the arm movement and the big face contact, then pulling the shirt down and throwing it on the ground on an airborne player makes it unnecessary and over the top.”


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