Euro-Leasing GmbH: management reorganized

Jörg Pape is still the current CEO and Regional Director of Volkswagen Financial Services in Brazil and will take up his new role on 1 July. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Porsche Financial Services GmbH and held various positions at Volkswagen Financial Services AG. Thanks to his many years working as a mobility service provider for the Volkswagen Group, he knows Euro-Leasing GmbH well and has extensive experience in the areas of mobility, leasing and digitization.

Pape takes over the position of Managing Director and Management Spokesperson from Gerhard Kohn. Kuhn joined Euro-Leasing GmbH in 2020 as Senior Director at VWFS AG and was previously Head of the VWFS Mobility Unit and Managing Director of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH. In the future he will be particularly interested in the development of young companies.

Euro-Leasing GmbH: 2nd Managing Director

As the second managing director, Torben Kleist will take care of the financial success of the rental specialist from Sittensen. The Financial Expert and the former Head of Control at Volkswagen Bank GmbH has been part of the management team at Euro-Leasing GmbH since 2020 and is also responsible for the control here. Kleist will be appointed to the board of directors on June 1 and will remain responsible for controlling the company.

Torben Kleist succeeds Thomas Schweihofer as Managing Director. Schweihofer is also an experienced manager at Volkswagen Financial Services AG, which joined Euro-Leasing GmbH in 2019 and previously accompanied the merger of the Autos and Trucks division into a Sittensen-based rental company.

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