Interview with Rick Cavanaugh: The “Bulliparaton” star is doing just that today

Longtime actor, comedian and voice actor Rick Cavanan is best known for his collaboration with Michael “Bully” Herbick and Christian Tromits. In a GALA interview, Rick talks about his latest plans and whether fans can look forward to the return of the “Bulliparton” trio.

For the younger generation in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Michael “Bully” Herbick, 54, passed on to Christian Tromits, 66, and Rick Cavanien, 51. They dominated the comedy scene in German television and cinema, with co-films such as their ProSieben shows “Bullyparade” and “Der Schuh des Manitou” and “(T) Raumschiff Surprise – Period 1”.

GALA spoke to Rick Cavaniyan, one of the three cult comedians, about his current work, the hype surrounding social media and the future of the “Bulliparton” trio.

With Hep Kerkeling on the sequel to “Club Los Branjas”

Gala: Mr. Kavanagh, we’re a little jealous: because while we’ve sitting here in Germany, you’re shooting in Mauritius. Not a bad place to work …

Rick Gavonian: I’m a little ashamed of it because it’s so beautiful here. I am currently filming the second part of “Club Los Branjas” with Heb Gerkeling. I play Tony Brandle – a plumber on vacation with family.

Oh, the classic of 1995. Will its sequel be more common with the first film?

We will see a lot of new things, but will reunite with the characters we like. And music also plays an important role.

Have you ever filmed with Hope before?

We both starred in “The Boandlkramer and Eternal Love” in 2021, but we never had any scenes together. This is the first time shooting with Hope has been so much fun.

Mia and Me: The Secret of Sentopia as Stromy the Unicorn by Rick Gavonian

Let’s talk about your latest dubbing role. You sync Unicorn Storm in “Mia and Me – The Secret of Sentopia”. But this is not the usual unicorn. The storm is so beautiful, but at the same time dramatic in his senses. Did you immediately recognize the storm?

Rick Gavonian gives voice to Unicorn Storm "Mia and I - The Secret of Sentopia"

Mia and Me: The Secret of Sentopia, voiced by Unicorn Storm by Rick Cavanien

© 2022 Constantine Movie Distribution GmbH / Viktor Strasse

In any case. Although Stormy was in a dramatic position, he wanted to retire because he was sometimes the most exotic rock and the loudest, scaring people. It has two extreme sides.

Interestingly, so did I. I am so loud in front of the microphone or on the stage that I like to sit outside and look at the sea in Mauritius and say nothing.

How does your work as an actor or voice actor differ when entertaining adults or children?

I want to reach both adults and children at the same time. I feel old – I’m 51 now – I feel like I have to make the whole family happy. My guess is that many generations sit there and watch the fun.

Not interested in social media

Talking about different generations: When researching about yourself, you immediately notice that you are very excluded on social media. It is very unusual now. What are the causes?

How do I say it, I’m not on social media. One reason is that I fully enjoy the time when the camera or microphone is not working. Protecting my privacy and keeping my personal life in retreat is very important to me. So I’m more concerned about that.

I have a lot of respect when colleagues do it better and say something on social media, but … oh, maybe I’m old enough for that. (Laughs) Although I understand the rationale behind gaining fame, I still think there are other ways to do it. I’m a bit critical of being always busy. I enjoy pulling the mobile in the middle of a conversation because I want to find something and insta story … it’s hard for me. I find myself behaving well without social media and often without a cell phone.

So you put your cell phone aside for a while and relax?

Absolutely! A true story: The next day we had dinner with about ten people from the film production. I felt the need to buy a bottle of wine for colleagues and said, “I like to fry everyone who leaves cell phones in hotel rooms.” And what was it? I was alone. Everyone had a cell phone. They looked at me with great interest and were impressed. But honestly, you have to do it. Well, it’s good for me to be without a cell phone for two hours. What will happen in these two hours?

“Bulliparaton” -Drios again?

The “Bully Parade” that made you and your colleagues Michael “Bully” Herbick and Christian Tromides famous 20 years ago ended. What is your experience with the next generation? Do you notice that “bullyparat” is still an issue for younger audiences?

Rick Cavonian, Michael "Bully" Herbick and Christian Tromits in the first scene "Tiger Parade - Movie" 2017 in Munich

Rick Cavonian, Michael “Bully” Herbick and Christian Tromits at the premiere of “Bully Parade – Der Film” 2017 in Munich

© Vistapress / imago Images

That’s the special of “Bullibrate”: I’m still being asked about “Man’s Shoe” and “(D) Spaceship Surprise”. Many young people who saw the movie “Bulliparate” released in 2016 are so eager to see the old skits as well. Suddenly, a 12-year-old boy speaks to me: “Hey, you’re the one who made the gossip coffee with Dmitry then!”. It’s totally crazy and I’m so happy.

When we started “bullying” then, 20 years later it was not our goal to get people to hear about it. But today, of course, it praises you when the next generation and the generation to come are interested in it.

How exactly can you imagine when you and the bully meet?

When Bully and I look at each other, we laugh together, of course. But we can discuss very serious things with each other. We are more normal than you think. Sometimes we talk excitedly to each other, about ourselves, about work, about life, about what’s going on in the world. But there are also days when we meet, drink a glass of wine and are quiet. What you do with ordinary friends.

Does it include writing a new screenplay? Can fans expect anything new from the “Bulliparton” trio?

I totally like it. Bully has a lot to do with his affairs now, and I’m too busy, even Christian. We have a kind of regular schedule. We try to meet for dinner four times a year. You remember, suddenly someone says: “It was great that we did it together then.”

All three of us have something in common, not only personally but also professionally. We have radio, especially when working, on a very similar bandwidth. Of course someone comes and says: “Wouldn’t it be something …”, the second says “it’s good”, and then the third says “yes, but how …?” Well, you could say that the title occupies all three. There are no definite plans at this time, but if any of us have the right idea, I will be there immediately. Something you did not expect, something we did not expect may be exciting.

“Mia and Me – The Secret of Sentopia” will be released in German theaters on May 26, 2022.



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