A load of sand for Poldi:

A load of sand for my country
“Thomalla has one on the waffle”

In fact, it all started with Doner Kebab. But its current highlight is the 13-ton load of uncultivated sand in front of Bergheim’s Lukas Podolski Sports Park – compliments of Sophia Thomalla. How can you get this far?

It is said that what he loves annoys each other. Now Sofia Tomala and Lukas Podolski are not lovers, but they seem to like each other somehow. In any case, they are currently undergoing an interesting exchange of blows, in which their followers can also participate on social networks.

The medium recently left a pile of sand for the professional football player, which now urgently wants to get rid of, as his latest Instagram posts prove. “13 tons of sand for cheap disposal. Please DM (personal message) To Sofia Tomala, he wrote under a photo showing him shoveling sand. How did the unusual delivery happen? Well, it all started with kebabs.

When the soccer player posted a photo of himself with kebabs from his snack chain on Tuesday with the description “Back in Cologne. First kebab,” he had no idea Sofia Tomala would take this as a joke. She immediately responded to the photo with the caption: “I always thought kebabs make you more beautiful,” and added a laughing emoji. And the athlete didn’t let that sit down and replied: “Ha-ha-ha-ha.. you’re in Cologne? First aid is on the way..!”

Only a short time later, the medium held in her hand a kebab from the Poldi kebab series, as she proved in one of the publications. The professional soccer player sent her a shipment of food to the office of the startup Schüttflix, where she was visiting at the time. Thomalla is not only a certification, but also a partner partner of the company. She wrote of her post: “The kebab man was there! Touché! 1:1 by Lukas Podolski. That was a penalty without a goalkeeper.” She added, “Wait, my friend. I will return the favor later.”

“It was delicious”

Thomala was soon followed by Thomala. 13 tons of sand fell in front of the Lukas Podolski Sports Park in Bergheim. “Thinking, a sandbox can always be used as an athlete,” the 32-year-old said in a story on Instagram, where the loaded truck can be seen.

Other stories show the load being unloaded in front of the sports park. Finally, amused Thomala appeared again holding a doner kebab in his hand and wrote, “But it was delicious. Thank you!”

“This happens when Sofia Tomala thanks you for eating a kebab,” the footballer commented in a repost from Thomalla’s Instagram story. However, Podolsky dealt with humor. He joked about the sand in his story: “Thomalla has one on a bun. It’s not quite clean anymore.” Like the doner kebab, the sand must also be put to good use: Podolski announced that he would donate the cargo to the city of Bergheim – for playgrounds or for flood protection.


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