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Electric double whammy: BMW introduces two new electronic models

In the race against Tesla and competitors such as Audi or Mercedes, BMW is relying on two new electronic models. Although they are very similar in terms of drive, they could hardly be different in appearance.

Nearly ten years after the critically acclaimed debut of i3’s plan BMW November double show. Then the Bavarians brought two Stromers to the start with the i4 and iX, which could hardly be any different. For prices starting at 58,300 euros, the i4 is a very classic Gran Coupé from the 3 and 4 series. And he primarily wants to appeal to traditional buyers. The iX, on the other hand, advertises the electric avant-garde as a somewhat distinctive exterior and, on the inside, an almost futuristic SUV from the luxury league.

Similarities and differences

The manufacturer announced that they would have to dig deep into their pockets and pay at least 77,300 euros for the trip into the future. While the two E models differ greatly in terms of appearance and interior design, they are closely related in terms of equipment and driving. Both come with a new type of cockpit with curved OLED screens and an interior system based on 5G technology.

Both use fifth-generation engines and batteries, with BMW demonstrating higher energy density, greater efficiency, and lower space requirements. According to BMW, the electric cousin of the 4 Series is available as the i4 40 with 250 kW / 340 hp and 630 Nm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than six seconds, reaches a maximum of 190 km/h and has a range of 590 km with an 80 kWh battery.

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Sports materials from Werkstuner M GmbH

Instead, the i4 became the first electric model from M GmbH, which sells the four-door model as the i4 M50 for at least €69,900 with 400 kW / 544 hp. The Bavarians put the maximum torque of this variant at 795 Nm. The sprint value is reduced to about four seconds, the maximum speed increases to 225 km / h and the range is 510 km.

Two luxury electric SUV models are also on the grid. The iX 40 with 240 KW / 326 PS and 630 Nm, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds, hits 200 km / h and with a 71 kWh battery has a WLTP range of 425 km. For about 20,000 euros more, BMW sells the iX 50, which costs at least 98,000 euros and has 385 kW / 523 hp, 765 Nm, 4.6 seconds, also 200 km / h, 105 kWh and 630 km in the data sheet .

The SUV also gets a sports version

Shortly thereafter, the top-of-the-line version of the factory-tuned M60, which should produce 440 kW / 600 hp, follows. Batteries are charged up to 210 kW, depending on model and drive variant. Electric models achieve 80 percent in less than 40 minutes. Ideally, electricity could flow up to 164 kilometers in ten minutes.

For BMW, according to CEO Oliver Zipps, the two innovations represent an important milestone on the way to a sales share of at least 50 percent for electric models by the end of the decade. The Bavarians are not only relying on existing models such as the i3 or iX3 and the newcomers, but they are already planning more E variants. They recently confirmed the existence of the 7-Series electric.

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